Starting Stages of a Track Build…

Midwest_Diecast_Raceway Thursday, 2/8/2024

Been collecting since 2020, mainly Faster Than Ever cars, and got into watching some of the great drag racing and street racing YouTube channels.  Kids and I have talked about building a track to race and video.  I like the idea of my kids learning the skills needed to video, photograph, editing, and writing it will teach them. 

So I cleaned my workshop and made space for a track, 13 feet by 4 feet.  Have to keep it compact so I can maintain space to tinker on the shop.  I'm talking with Spool Heads to get a 180 curve and a S-curve section.   The S-curves represent Grand Rapids, MI where my daughter was born and to represent for my boy, I bought the Mini Units Beam to build a suspension bridge, the Mackinac Bridge.  He loves crossing it when we visit the U.P..  We'll paint it and add lights.

Looking forward interacting and learning with you all.


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JBlotner42 2/8/24

I got a pair of the 180 crossover turns from Spool Heads. They are super nice and greatly improved my track.

Looking good so far!

  • and the 2 opposed x 90's need more length between — dr_dodge
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dr_dodge 2/8/24

give the cars distance get speed (orange) and then "to settle"

and love the bridge 


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redlinederby 2/8/24
Site manager

Really dig the the long straights.

I'm in Wisconsin so I feel like we're neighbors - lol.   Excited to see progess on your track.   Keep us updated!

  • Hey neighbor… we lived in Franklin from 2013 to 2018. I was a director at the Job Corps in Milwaukee. — Midwest_Diecast_Raceway
  • I'm all the way on the west side. Hudson area. Last town in Wisconsin on I-94 before Minnesota. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
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