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KandORacing Tuesday, 11/10/2015

It appears I am currently having one of my most dreaded issues with a car I'm building: JB quick that wasn't mixed perfectly. It's been 30 minutes and it is a little rubbery. My question is, what can I do to remove the axles nice and cleanly to re-set them without damaging the axles or getting any bits of it in the wheels? 


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CrzyTrkrDude 11/10/15

My first thought is to wait a little longer, being watchful it doesn't settle and spread like it sometimes does.

Second thought...since you say it might still be rubbery... Exacto knife it out, and attack the frame with a wire brush to get it out of the groove??

The axle might scrape clean once it hardens, maybe??

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72_Chevy_C10 11/10/15
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You can try to hit it with a little dryer, maybe? See if that will help it to set up...if not, maybe let it sit overnight. If it still isn't cured, then you'll have to just be really care pulling the axle out.

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Traction-Event 11/11/15

In the past... I have let it set and peeled it off with a small screwdriver. It really depends on how much epoxy, and how well it bonded to the chassis.  If it sets up better than expected, use a dremel with a cutting bit to free the axle, then try to save the chassis.  Good luck... We' all been there

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KandORacing 11/11/15

Thanks guys, I'll try out some things if it gets bad. It's a lot tougher today than it was lastnight, but it's still not that rock solid consistency that it should be. It really shouldn't come apart very easily, and if it got dropped hard enough by someone for the epoxy to break, I think bent axles would be a bigger worry at that point. Since it's not that terrible I think I'll put it together and take a gamble on it. FOTF, I know you are thinking about how some of these "gambles" of mine have burned me recently if you are reading this... :P 

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CrzyTrkrDude 11/12/15

Sometimes, the interior price is made to hold the axle in place as well, maybe this might help? Might need to trim it a big, to get it to fit.

Good Luck!

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