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I'm in!

Number zero

Does all type of "stockers" work?

  • As long as used in nascar — Douglas
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Flip81 8/30/22

In. Flip #81

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Papa_Pugsley 8/30/22

Papa Pugsley is in. #72 please

I talked to Jacobabout this already so I hope my spot is still there, but I'd love another shot at Yadkin!

#12 or 48 please.

I would like to enter. #5

Can't find my previous comment, but just wanted to be sure you registered me and secured the 0 number :)

Iron Beard Customs would like in please. #00 I see #0 was taken.. but I think #00 would be ok? 

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MadMike 8/30/22

I'm in #3 if available 

  • Your in but sorry 3 has been taken. — Douglas
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FeralPatrick 8/31/22

Can I have 43? Already have a Petty built. If not I'll take #34 if available.

  • 43 your in good luck — Douglas
  • Looks like my 43 is too heavy, so if possible let's switch to #34 if available. Thanks Douglas! — FeralPatrick
  • Otherwise I'll stick with #43. — FeralPatrick
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FPD_Racing 8/31/22

Got a spot for me. Filipiak Performance Diecast. #28

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Foursix 8/31/22


Foursix Diecast Racing


  • Got you down good luck — Douglas
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WallyChamp73 8/31/22

Can NEW Jersey Drive Racing enter this race?  #00

  • Yes but sorry double 00 has been taken — Douglas

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