Street to Strip

Monday, June 29th, 2020 View race results
GoofySouthpaw Friday, 6/26/2020

When & Where

Monday, June 29th, 2020 @ Duke City Dragway Albuquerque, NM 


Hosting our first race at Duke City Dragway, Street to Strip. There will be over 400 cars that are numbered and will be randomly drawn to fill a 16 car bracket. Best of three passes moves on. Looking to get exposure for our drag strip in hopes to host mail in races for prizes in the future. 


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Chaos_Canyon 6/26/20

Do you have a YouTube channel? Happy to promote it via my DSPN reports.

  • I just created one and that would be awesome! — GoofySouthpaw
  • Cool. Pop the link to your channel here and I'll add it to an upcoming report — Chaos_Canyon

  • Cool, thanks. Will add it into the grass roots section and mention your tournament — Chaos_Canyon

More racing!!! 


are you accepting drivers?

  • I am! Our track is currently at a temporary location. We plan to move here in a couple of months and will have a permanent location in September. But ya absolutely I am! — GoofySouthpaw
  • So I may have misunderstood your question earlier... I thought you were referring to mail in races... but now looking more into it were you meaning drivers from this group to use for my personal races? For instance anyone available I can assign them a hot wheel and basically that would be them driving for my track? Does that even make sense lol? — GoofySouthpaw
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