Jobe Monday, 7/25/2011

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Texas Racing recap...

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Today was a good day of racing. To start things off I ran the Redline Derby league races on my new 50’ track. The first round were a total blow out, but then the racing got good. Some real surprises today with some really close races and a few upsets. And you’ll be able to see for yourselves, neither Jason nor myself had anything close to a perfect bracket!

Then we broke out the stock mail in entries. Some great vehicles were sent in,old and new. The brackets were selected in a lottery draw. I assigned every entry a number, placed those numbers in a bowl and drew one at a time and filled the bracket out. Amazingly no one had to race them selves on the first round! Both the stock and modified races were run double elimination, which makes for a lot of racing.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

The stock race had some really great races with a few surprises thrown in. Take a look at the brackets to see how you did. I was impressed with the open wheel cars, Blastous and Slider. Slider did take a dive at the end of the track and bent an axle on the finish gate. With some gentle tweaking by Jason, it was back in the running. Watch out for the Iowastockcar family…they know what they are doing! With both Blastous and Slider making the first couple of rounds, the Boogie Van and Red Testarossa making 3 and 4 rounds and the Way 2 Fast getting close to the final round! Redline Derby’s Lumina was a strong contender but just couldn’t hold on to Jason’s Black Testarossa, which came out of the package right before race time. Many brackets were best of 3 or even 4 races depending on how close they were.
So, congrats to Variation Jason with the win in Stock was pretty close.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

We then took a late lunch break and were getting ready to start the Modified class when we heard screeching tires outside and looked out the front shop door and BAM! Head on collision right outside my shop! Jason ran over while I called 911 and got help on the way. Luckily everyone walked away, but the older couple who got hit (other guy crossed the yellow line) were pretty shook up. So we hosted them in my shop in the shade and supplied some water and waited around until the EMS and Police were done and they got a ride home in a cruiser.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Then finally we got to race the Modified Class. Some great cars and even a few tips I planning on experimenting with. Again we ran double elimination races with 12 entries. The 300 FTE sent in by Forrest came out strong, those cars are just hard to beat although I did have to take the top of the Lego guy off though so the car would go through the finish gate…sorry. A really great runner was the Lakester sent in by Red One Racing, never thought about loading up one of those…I now have some plans! But it was my newest creation that ended up taking it out (barely), my loaded 458 Italia. The car did reject its body on two occasions in the catch box. The funniest races were watching Redline Derby’s pickup full of pennies hit the catch box. I started calling it the ‘change machine’ because it would spit pennies everywhere every time…thanks for the entertainment Brian.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

After all of that racing, it was getting pretty damn warm in the shop, but I had one more race up my sleeve. I picked 12 recently released Hot Wheels cars for a bonus race. Again I did a lottery draw for each racer to pick a car, and then a placement on the bracket. Again, some really good racing and some surprises, but the Monte Carlo came out on top, but the Mini was a hot contender the whole way. Coby was a big winner of the bonus race and gets all 12 cars to add to his collection, congrats!

So, that’s the wrap. I have a mix of photos and videos and Jason took a lot of video and some photos that I hope he will share. The glare in the shop prevented too many good shots though. I have to figure out how to upload video to play but I’ve included some photos to share with you.

So, big big big thanks for everyone sending in their cars and trusting me to run this event. Big thanks to Jason for driving 2 hours each way to help me out, it’s fun to share these races and their outcomes. And thanks to Brian at Redline Derby for letting me run the League races this week.

I’ll have a special gift for every racer in your packages back to you just give me a few days to sort all of that out. Thanks and I hope we can do it again…but when it’s cooler out or I find an air-conditioned place to race!

Austin Diecast Drags


Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox


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JDC442 7/25/11

Black Testarossa (Jason)
Lumina Stocker (Brian RDR)
Red Testarossa / Way 2 Fast (Iowa / Cade)
Boogie Van / yellow F40 (Iowa / Jobe)

Ferrari Italia (Jobe)
Lakester (Red One)
Super Van (Jobe)
Chrysler 300 (Forrest)
Hi Tail Hauler (Brian RDR)


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redlinederby 7/25/11
Site manager

Well dammit...I can't catch a break, although it looks like my Lumina was king of the losers, so that's gotta be worth something, right? And if my little penny truck couldn't get the job done, then at least it was entertaining. I was expecting and hoping it would do much better than it did...but live and learn. I guess I just really need to make my own 50-foot track so I can get the weight just right.

Great photos, Jobe! I especially love the one of your table with all the cars and stuff. Really shows what goes into keeping things organized for these races. I think this will kick me in the ass to start taking more photos of league races and stuff.

Thanks again, Jobe for all your hard work, and Jason too for being a Maverick to your Iceman.

I think our next mail-in needs to be a jump contest It'll have to be on a long hill track with a little jump at the end. Car that goes the furthest wins! Ha!

Awesome write up, pictures, and description of the races! We were waiting all day yesterday for the results as I thought we had a good chance at this. Can't believe that the Lumina came back in the losers bracket and knocked off 3 of our cars in a row to get a chance at Jason's.

I left the boys a note this morning to check the computer and the wife told me that Coby (Newman39) was super excited about winning those 12 cars and he and his brother-Cade (Kybusch18) were already splitting up the cars from the picture. They will be raced first and if they don't make the cut--they will get played with---so the cars will be used in some fashion.

If we can get a mail in race in the mid November through mid January range, I will have more cars to throw at the Lumina and the Ferrari now. Many of our fastest cars are already taken from us for winning in our racing league.

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model40fan 7/25/11

my thanks to all, not just the tail worker offers, but all racers, hosts, sponsors,and fans...very nice event...
even though the" lakester" did well............. the pic of my "goldie rocks" at the gate was... priceless! a lovable loser if ever there was one... anyway.... let's race... can't wait !!! thanks again from the PINE TREE STATE... smitty aka red one racing

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Jobe 7/25/11

Couple of other photos...

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox
Forrest's 300 prior to torso removal

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox
My Ferrari damaged in the catch box

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox
Jason brought out his wheelstander van, and it made a full pass down the track and wrecked into the gate!

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JDC442 7/26/11

THANKS FOR THE PICTURES!!! Forrest will love the shot of his Lego Man Chrysler 300

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Jobe 7/26/11


Thought he might like that one!

Congrats to everyone who entered and mostly to those who built their cars! I was really pleased to see the Evo at the starting line with Goldie rocks.. They were the to most customized vehicles at the race and it truly was a pleasure to watch 'em go at it. The Goldie rocks is one seriously cool little car. The I candy nose works perfectly with that chopped body. I'm not sure you can see it in any of the pics, but there was a '30 Model A project right off the side of the track.... that garage really set the mood for a custom race

The Evo was running good, but it's got a bit more tweaking (and an axle issue) to go, lol My modded 300 flopped on the track... I was experimenting with some new mods, and apparently they are just not ready yet.

The wheelstander ran perfectly on every run! I do have to admit that the smoothness of the track helped ALOT. Bryan has built one very nice track. It only took a couple of tweaks to get it dialed in and that is very impressive for a first time setup on a 50' track.

On a side note.... The Bus challenge has gone unanswered. The Testarossa was very fast right out of the package, but just didn't have enough to beat the Camaro. We'll try again in the next Mail in.

Speaking of mail ins.... we only have about a week to get your cars here for the Dallas Show and Go!

I'll get the vids up as soon as I get a chance, may not be till after next week though.

Congrats again to all of the winners!

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Jobe 7/28/11


Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

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model40fan 7/30/11


Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

thanks to variation jason for the compliments toward goldie rocks, hey jason, any upcoming mail in races ?
altered, modded, whatever they are called... ready to go... can't wait... smitty >

thanks to variation jason for the compliments toward goldie rocks, hey jason, any upcoming mail in races ?
altered, modded, whatever they are called... ready to go... can't wait... smitty >

Sure do, Next week is the Kustom Kon Show & Go. I sent you an email on it.

If at first you don't succeed, copy Brian.

Been getting really lucky on garage sales lately with some of the older cars that are proven winners on race tracks.

On Friday found these for $0.62 each--along with many others.

These are copies of E-Bay sales and not the actuals.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

I am swimming in potential racers right now. Bought lots of HW cars at Lighting Fest at aroumd $0.75 each.

Found another garage sale and offered the guy $50 for all of the ones he was selling. He accepted and it ended up at $0.30 a car.

I think I am down to three "must have" racers. The Black Flame Johnny Lighting car that Jason has, the Huffman Chevy Stocker, and the Land Rover that we have here in the Redline Derby.

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