Summer Pro-Am - Stage 1 - Amateur division

Monday, May 31st, 2021
Hosted by Redline Derby Racing
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redlinederby Monday, 5/10/2021
Site manager

This race is part of the RLD Summer Pro-Am series. See rules and format information.

Stage 1 - Redline Derby Speedway (Ohio)

This stage of the Summer Pro-Am is a head-to-head drag race on the Redline Derby Speedway.

Series points

  • Rubber Tow - 80pts
  • The Commish - 60pts
  • Big Mac - 40pts
  • Commotion Diecast - 40pts
  • Uncle Joe's Speedway - 20pts
  • Diego's Diecast - 20pts
  • PupuleSurfer - 20pts
  • Cash Money Boys - 20pts
  • SpyDude - 10pts
  • RoadRunner Raceway - 10pts
  • Overclocked Racing - 10pts
  • PWC Racing - 10pts
  • DeeJay - 10pts
  • Dogtown Racing - 10pts
  • CapperDeluxe - 10pts
  • Bolo Brown - 10pts


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redlinederby 5/18/21
Site manager

Round robin groups

These groups will go head-to-head in round robin format. The Top 2 points earners from each group will move on to the final bracket. Groups subject to change depending on which cars arrive before racing begins.

  • SpyDude
  • RoadRunner Raceway
  • Uncle Joe (TBD)
  • Overclocked Racing
  • Kaiju Colorado
  • PWC Racing
  • DeeJay
  • Dogtown Racing
  • It's Diego BTW
  • Big Mac
  • Capper Deluxe
  • Pupule Surfer
  • Cash Money Boys
  • Commotion Diecast
  • Bolo Brown
  • The Commish
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SpyDude 5/18/21

Good luck to all.

See you in the rear view. :p

  • It will be an honor to go head to head against you — RoadRunnerRacewayFan
  • @RRRFan: Brother, I’m just hoping to make it to the end of the track. — SpyDude
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Mattman213 5/19/21

Good luck everyone and GO SPYDUDE!!!!!



Seriously, these groups are setup perfectly! 

The matchups are great and good luck to everyone!

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DXPRacing 5/19/21

Race on Dogtown!!!  Good luck partner!!!!  And everybody else too.  

Hello did uncle joe make it I sent my car with Plenty of time

Best of luck guys!

Good luck to all 

Cant Wait!!

Good luck to all!

Good luck everyone!

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