Summer Pro-Am - Stage 2 - Amateur division

Wednesday, June 30th, 2021
Hosted by Gen X Vintage Racing
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redlinederby Monday, 5/10/2021
Site manager

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This race is part of the RLD Summer Pro-Am series. See rules and format information.

Stage 2 - Box Canyon Loop (Washington)

This stage of the Summer Pro-Am is an open track race on the Box Canyon Loop managed by Gen X Vintage Racing & The Diecast Racing Report.

Stage points

  • Diego's Diecast - 80pts
  • Dogtown Racing - 60pts
  • PWC Racing - 40pts
  • DeeJay - 40pts
  • The Commish - 20pts
  • Cash Money Boys - 20pts
  • Pupule Surfer - 20pts
  • Uncle Joe's Speedway - 20pts
  • Rubber Tow - 10pts
  • Bolo Brown - 10pts
  • Capper Deluxe - 10pts
  • Overclocked Racing - 10pts
  • Big Mac - 10pts
  • RoadRunner Racing - 10pts
  • Commotion Diecast - 10pts
  • SpyDude - 10pts


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redlinederby 6/17/21
Site manager

Here are the groupings for Stage 2. I got word that recording was happening this week/end, so hopefully more action to watch in the next few weeks.

Make your picks and place your bets! Good luck!

Group A:

  • Rubber Tow
  • Bolo Brown
  • Uncle Joe's Speedway
  • PWC Racing

Group B:

  • The Commish
  • Capper Deluxe
  • Diego's Diecast
  • OverClocked Racing

Group C:

  • Big Mac
  • DogTown Racing
  • Pupule Surfer
  • Road Runner Raceway

Group D:

  • Commotion Diecast
  • DeeJay
  • Cash Money Boys
  • SpyDude

Amateur Group A:

Amateur Group B:

Amateur Group C:

Amateur Group D:

Groups were assembled in serpentine fashion based on the final results of the first leg of the tour.

When can we expect this stage to begin? I'd like to get the third leg going by third week of July 

  • You'll have plenty of time. Cars will be to you long before June is over. — GenX_VintageRacing

Good to hear 

When can we expect a video and we're will it be aired at????

  • Races are being taped tomorrow and Tuesday. Videos will be up before the end of the month. I'm only using a couple of cameras to minimize editing. — GenX_VintageRacing
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redlinederby 6/26/21
Site manager

Amatuer Division action from Stage 2 premieres Sunday 6/27 at 7PM ET!

Will Rubber Tow keep his top spot? Will The Commish muscle his way through? Or is someone just waiting patiently for their time to shine?

This race has a chance to really change the course of the series as we see how the cars handle their first open track. Join us LIVE during the premiere and chat with other races, and see who comes out of Box Canyon on top!

No frills open track racing at its finest. Good Luck everyone

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redlinederby 6/27/21
Site manager

Wow, that was some serious clanging and banging! I'm sorry I missed the premiere, Sunday night family events got in the way. But...well...we all knew anything could happen on the open tracks and this division proved that theory. Box Canyon was ruthless!

Thanks to Kit & Co. for running things and for getting a track up in time for racing. 

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SpyDude 6/27/21

Ummm ... wait. Group D. I noticed I got zero points all the way across the board. Lap 1&2 were DNF's, which were earned by being blocked on Lap One and flipping off the track on Lap Two. However, Lap 3, where the cars are being numbered as they cross the line, mine is the #3 car, as the #4 car (DeeJay in a Firebird, I think) on its roof does not have white wheels, nor does it have any silver on the back window. Mine is a Lethal Diesel, which has two silver vents on the back, which can be clearly seen as I pass the #2 car, the HW50 on the Zoom In chassis, at 14:12. On Lap 4, at 14:43, the car that is off the track is the HW50. It appears I also came in third place on that race, as well.

  • In the Lap 3, the HW50 car broke the line first which got him the 2nd place finish, and then your Lethal crossed for 3rd. The 3rd and 4th place finishers don't get any points, only the 1st and 2nd. So the point values shown are correct but the action is sometimes hard to see with lack of replays and such. — redlinederby
  • Ah, okay. I was wondering what was going on there. I’m in so many races with so many different point systems that I’m having trouble remembering which one is which. — SpyDude
  • No problem, but sorry it was confusing. I realized too late that it's far different from other open track point systems. Live and learn, I guess. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 6/27/21
Site manager

Keep in mind that points were only awarded to 1st and 2nd place cars that crossed the finish line. Third and 4th don't get any points, so I believe the scoreboards are all correct. The video pacing was a little fast so it was sometimes difficult to tell who got what points when, even I had to pause quite a bit to understand things. If you saw some incorrect results, please call it out and we'll investigate. If there are issues, we can't rerun since cars are travelling but we'll figure out something.

The all-DNF runs surprised me. Obviously, there's always a chance that can happen in an open track but I didn't expect them so much. And it's our (my) fault that the rules didn't account for that situation. I would have liked to see a redo in cases where no cars cross the finish line but that's not something I thought about during planning. I'll make it a point to add those conditions for when the cars do open track again in Indiana. 

This track was harsh, for sure, but it is what it is at this point. Now we'll just have to see how all these crashes and falls impact the cars on the next drag strip. 

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The_Commish 6/28/21

I'm just going to say this: First off Thank you to the people who volunteered their time and energies in building the track, filming the races and editing the footage. As a youtuber myself I understand the amount of effort that goes into all of those things, and I recognize this is a volunteer effort and worthy of our respect and appreciation. That being said, I have some serious issues with how this event was conducted- specifically the section of the track known as "dead man's curve" and more importantly, the points set up for the event. As far as the track goes my only complaint is dead man's turn. I don't know if this was initially an issue caused by what track pieces were available, or if it was designed as a specific hazard. The fact is coming out of that 180 at that speed many of us were dumped off the track due to going off or being slammed into because someone bounced off the "tombstones". We racers put a lot of effort into tuning our cars and our car's appearance and I for one was very disappointed and concerned to see so many cars, including my own crashing off the track as every time that happens there is potential to damage the wheel stance/ performance. I understand that crashes and track departures are part of the sport, however deliberately placing such a high probability hazard there is in my mind ill advised at best. But to the more important issue: I strongly  disagree with the idea that in a four person race that coming in third or fourth is no different than a DNF. I have never seen or heard such a thing, and I don't understand it, nor do I think that it is fair in an event with such a high likelihood of DNF's affecting the standings that the scoring wasn't 4 for first, 3 for second, 2 for third, 1 for fourth and 0 for DNF. You may as well only run the cars two at a time in that case. A third place finish consistently can move you along in a tournament, or make or break a borderline showing, but in this case, nothing. I think the standings would be potentially very different if the points system wasn't so biased. I strongly urge that in future events this sort of setup be abandoned for a points system that respects the efforts that all of the drivers have put into creating these little racers and make it worthwhile to do so. As I said, thank you for putting on the event, but I think that many drivers, not just myself, might have had better standings if these two factors were not in play. I only put my thoughts here because someone else brought it up. I don't have to like the results but I was not going to be "that guy" and put anyone on blast. But since the topic was broached, I thought it only appropriate to give my opinion. This is not intended to be nor should it be seen as an attack on the event creators, but rather as constructive criticism, and once my diecast car track is up and running I am sure there will be similar critiques by the community or drivers to help me improve track conditions and make for better experiences. As long as they are expressed in the same sort of respectful manner as I have tried to use here, I will respectfully consider them in the future. Love and respect to ALL of those who are making the Pro Am circuit possible, and to Redline Derby for sponsoring it. — The_Commish

  • I don’t think there is anything left to say that you haven’t said here. It was hard to watch when you know the effort it takes to build a winning car. 60g cars just can’t take that beating and be expected to not have lost something in speed. I will inspect every car pre race and hope they all survived. Your concerns are appreciated and understandable. Let’s hope for the best moving forward. — BlueLineRacing
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The_Commish 6/28/21

Although I pretty much stated this before in general, I did just notice that Indiana is slated to use the same points system as Race 2. Respectfully, I strongly urge that we abandon the Psychadelic Speedway/ Race 2 points format and go back to a common sense 1st=4, 2nd=3, 3rd=2, 4th=1, DNF=0 points scheme.  I had a win, a second place and two third place finishes in round two, PWC had 1 win, two second place finishes and a fourth place finish, Dogtown had a win, a second place and two 3rd place finishes as well. If we went by the standard points system in use virtually everywhere, Cashmoney would still have been eliminated however it would have led to a 3 way tie between me, PWC and Dogtown at 11 points a piece, rather than just myself and Dogtown. Imagine a three way tie breaking race and how that could have shook out (OR IMAGINE how this points structure could have affected the other brackets...). I might have advanced with either of them, meaning more importantly that one of those that *did* advance might not have, which could have changed the entire dynamic of the outcome of the event (though I concede that both were REALLY fast, while maintaining that there were irregularities on the track surface which often stopped some of our cars in their tracks or spun us around/ slowed us down enough that I cannot honestly say that any of us had an advantage per se),.  But it would have been legitimately more exciting *and* fair, if time consuming, assuming each of us got a run from each position, first to win 3 out of five races or whatever. What's done is done. And as I said before, I do appreciate the work that was put in for Round two of this competition. But I cannot be silent while we still have the chance to fix this glaring oversight *BEFORE* we get to Indiana. - The Commish

  • Totally agree on all points above, including the points system. When I saw zeros all the way across the board on mine, I was very confused, as I knew I had beaten two other cars. The 4-3-2-1-DNF format seems like the fairest, while the 2-1-0 is definitely cutthroat. — SpyDude

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