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Summer Rally Series

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Variat SkunkWorks would like to try a little friendly Rally Racing. 

#04 if you please.


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MadMike 5/19/22

Would the Ford escorts rs1600 be acceptable?

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WallyChamp73 5/19/22

Is there room for N.J Drive Racing to submit an entry for this event?  #11

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Numbskull 6/2/22

Rally car?

Cars are on the way...see you there

Heading to the race this week...

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MarkRich21 6/6/22

... on its way 

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Numbskull 6/10/22

Numbskull Racing is on the way.  Shipped w/ priority.

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Bongo 6/10/22

Bongo on the way via Priority. Should be there Monday. Sending tracking number via dm

Headed out this morning via 2-Day Priority.  Looking forward to some awesome rally action!

  • Looks great!! — Bongo
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AJ_Grey 6/19/22

Is it too late to enter?

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Maldo 6/19/22

JefeSpeedway is on the way

Driver jefe

car civic type R

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