Super 6 Lane Raceway Extension Kit by 3DBotMaker

3DBotMaker Tuesday, 3/20/2018

Extend your Hot Wheels Super 6 Lane Raceway out and up with the 3DBotMaker Extension Kit. This kit makes it easy and convenient to place your 6 Lane Finish Line wherever you want along your track. 

It's available now at

It also includes 2 risers that elevate it to the perfect height for Monster Truck races. 

You can screw it in for more permanent track setups, or just snap it on and let 'em roll.


Awesome!!! That is much needed in the diecast world for sure!!!

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DJRobLuv 4/4/18

Hello 3D....


How can I purchase this?

(As well as your 4 lane finish line wasn’t available, which I’d also like to purchase)

I went to your Etsy page and didn’t see it available 


  • More of the extension kits are available now. I'll have more finish lines available early next week. — 3DBotMaker
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sub4ra 4/4/18

These are a MUST HAVE if you extend your 6 Lane Raceway out!  I have a set, and you can see them in action below.  Keep in mind, my driveway slopes too, but even 6 FAST Hot Wheels can't even budge it without the gate even being secured down!  Have a look...

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Ray1967 2/19/21

I wish to purchase one.  Please contact me.  

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TuxMcBea 2/19/21

These are no longer available I'm afraid, 3D ceased producing them quite some time ago. You can however download the file to 3D print your own.

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dribblybob 2/25/21

Slanman Customs on facebook makes them, same deal just in black

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