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JDC442 Sunday, 4/25/2010

Are the opponents cars listed under my cars the only cars I could face in the next race, or just a sampling? Also, why are some opponents cars often repeated (example: the FTE Mustang is listed four times under my FTE Nova)?


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redlinederby 4/26/10
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The Test Track doesn't necessarily show the *only* cars you'll face, but the chances are high you'll race against one of those opponents.

The Test Track does 10 seedings for each of your cars. It picks possible opponents out of the *active* garages in the league. So if someone swaps cars, your test track will change. But since match-ups are created based on rating, there are only a handful of cars you could possibly race anyway. The Test Track does a pretty good job and cluing you in to who you'll race, honestly. It actually uses the same program I use for real race seeding, it just skips the saving.

If you refresh the Test Track page you'll see the whole routine run again but you'll probably see a lot of the same cars. There are only so many possibilities for match-ups, so that's why you see repeats. Especially in the International league where there is only 1 car per player...there's no randomness, so the match-up you see there is 100%.

And while the Test Track serves its purpose, I failed to think far ahead with it because my intent was to give everyone a probability matrix, but since it is ratings based, your chances will pretty much always be close to 50% which doesn't make for a very pretty or telling chart. I may remove the Test Track for next season, or at least try to find a better way to present that information.

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