Texas tournaments, some great results

redlinederby Sunday, 7/24/2011
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I just posted the results from the Texas league races Jobe held on the 50 footer and, gotta say, that was rough. Despite me still being on top of the points, The Long Shot bracket got me with only 6 matches. The other bracket was better but still...


And it looks like the mysterious Screamin Hauler finally came out of its shell...kind of what I suspected, it needing some more distance to show off, but I didn't have it getting to the second round...whoops. And Thomassima out of no where! Nice!!

The Austin bracket had fewer surprises but like the Hauler, the 300C finally showed up and made good on its promises too. Some cars are just meant for longer tracks and those two are perfect examples...mental note for the next time.


Can't thank Jobe enough for running these along with the mail-in races, AND taking the time to fill out the bracket with my crazy grading scale intact. This off-site league race was a little experiment and it seems like it went off without a hitch, so expect more of those next season and into next year.


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WorpeX 7/24/11

Thank you Thomassima! I would have gotten killed on that tournament if my car hadn't won. haha. I shouldn't be too surprised that it managed to win though, that model is a rocket on my track also (although, of the two I have, the one has slown down a lot due to its age).

The other tournament, Austin City, was fairly straightforward. Just looking at the car list, it was pretty clear that the 300c outclassed the rest of them. The Ferrari GTB/4 is pretty good on my track, so I went with it getting second. Ended up being a good choice! The hard part on that one was the top right and bottom left brackets, as none of those cars were any good by comparison. A lot of high scoring on that one!

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Jobe 7/25/11

The only card I had up my sleeve in that race was that I knew my Thomassima was quick, I should have taken it longer in my brackets though! Some great racing in those brackets with some real suprises.

And Brian, your excel sheets couldn't have been easier to fill out, no problems there.

I like the mix up of the short and long tracks, keep you guessing a bit.

I also like the long track because you can really see how the cars handle. Some cars were just really rocketing down the flats and some were really launching out of the gate, was pretty interesting to watch.

Now to put together a 100' long track!

It definitely is so much better to be AT the races, lol.

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