Thank you Mopar Mafia

HotWheelsRacing Friday, 7/6/2018

Thanks for the cars and my puppy, Kocoa, loves them to she alreday tried to eat them within the first 5 mins of them being open. If anybody wants to see me race them I will be at my grandparents house next week so comment on what u want me to race and Ill post it on my youtube channel @ Stuff 'N More HotWheels.


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Mopar_Mafia 7/7/18

You're welcome young fella, enjoy. I'd like to see the modern corvettes run each other. I made sure there was a mustang in there for you. Enjoy! MM

Love the Mustache Mustang (im trying to grow a mustache). Corvette race of 3 coming right up.

Ok racing corvettes after electrion leaves

U can find the race on utube @ Stuff 'N More HotWheels playlist RLD RACES

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