Thank you, Dr Dodge anniversary

dr_dodge Monday, 5/20/2024

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Good evening,

Thanks to the whole die cast community.

The dr dodge channel is One year old tomorrow

I want to thank everyone!  Life is fun with y'all!

we have a great group from all over the world!

so supportive, amazing tracks, productions, and we are international!

from all over!   I did this for all of you.  baked a cake the sky

Cheers to everyone who watches, races, and hosts!

now, lets get to the cake



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StrayDog 5/20/24

Happy 1year Dr Dodge!!

Thanks Dr.!  Happy Anniversary!  You were the 1st person that reached out and welcomed me to this fantastic group.   It really is something and I am appreciative. 


  • I am honored, i just try to have more fun than i am supposed to have — dr_dodge
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Kingjester 5/20/24

Happy 1 year Dodge, out of all the diecasters here your one of the ones I've really gotten to know over the course of being in this hobby, we both started off as rookies around the same time and gotten to see each others growth, I hope that continues going forward.

  • I feel that we grew together, was so proud to see you claim the hill in canada, thank so much — dr_dodge

Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Dr Dodge!

That was quite a tribute video.

  • words couldn't do it, so i baked a cake (and it look'd great, well, then frosting) — dr_dodge

Congratulations Dr D on 1 year anniversary!!!!!

 Thank You for all you do for the Diecast community....

  • thanks, I love this place! — dr_dodge
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FeralPatrick 5/21/24

Congrats, Doc! You rock!

Congrats! So far, so good! Glad you are part of this community...

  • appreciate the kind words — dr_dodge
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redlinederby 5/21/24
Site manager

Congrats on the anniversary! Thanks for all YOU contribute to the community and the hobby.

  • we could not have such a wonderful place to hang out if it wasn't for you! Thank you so much for providing a place we can all hang out at and act like kids again, it makes me feel young! — dr_dodge


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AbbyNormal 5/21/24

Wow that was fantastic! I've only been here a few weeks and I can say its a very special place. Congrats Dr Dodge.

Here is a side note - I was lucky during the '90s and early 2000's to work in a R+D lab at Intel focused on new technologies. I can clearly recall an engineering meeting around 2001 where someone walked in and said they had just talked with 'some guys' at 'some company' who were starting something called YouTube that would let average folks post videos online .... there was silence as we all absorbed that. My first reaction was - that is the stupidest idea I've heard so far. 

  • Thanks, and what a cool story! — dr_dodge
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Vulfgang 5/21/24

Happy Anniversary and keep the enthusiasm cranked up. I always find your helpful comments to have a special energy. Long live Dr. Dodge!

THAT.. .was awesome! Happy aniversary Dr.!!

  • it was fun to do, went from idea to the upload in 24 hrs — dr_dodge
  • Nice. Good to see your face, I need to do that too… I think we’re all old guys haha!! (I’m 63) — G_ForceRacing

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