The Balcony Run

Racing_with_Robert Thursday, 7/5/2018

We have a bit of a steep incline for this week's church race. Fifty-one feet total with a slope of sixteen feet.


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redlinederby 7/5/18
Site manager from the heavens! Impressive...that's a lot of track right there.

How'd it go? Did the cars stay on the track for that downhill? And that floor has a slight decline too, right? Nice.

  • Ah, very perceptive! Yes, the floor declines about one foot from the back of the auditorium to the front. That's along a 53 foot length, so very gradual. The track coming down the slope and through the transition is the longer track sections with the higher side walls, to help keep the cars on. They were still coming off occasionally down the straight-away. I intend to buy another 100-piece case of the high wall track eventually. Overall the test cars did great. You gain a lot of speed off of that slope. We used the new GoPro car to get some ontrack footage, but it's very grainy. We have to work on adjusting our settings. The actual race is this Sunday, hopefully we'll get some better shots. If you go to "New Danville Mennonite Church" on facebook you can see the short clips we took. — Racing_with_Robert
  • Oops, correction, the video os on my personal page "Robert Brody". — Racing_with_Robert
  • Very cool!!! — Rusty
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