The 'Blink & It's All Over' Raceway Competition

Friday, July 27th, 2018
Kevblokey Wednesday, 7/18/2018

My Hot Wheels Collection are pleased to announce the first ever competition for fans of this page.

Sixteen cars will race on the 'Blink & It's All Over' Raceway, drivers for each car will be chosen at random (one per car). After winning a series of elimination races, the eventual winner will win a HW related prize (tba).

To Enter:

1. 'Like' this page

2. Comment below this post the following phrase 'I like blinking, I do'.

3. From all the entries received, sixteen names will be chosen at random, each name will then be allocated a car to race.

4. Please enter by 23:59 on 27/07/18, racing is planned to take place asap after that date.


1. The competition is FREE to enter and is open to all fans who 'like' the 'My Hot Wheels Collection' Facebook page (The Organiser).

2. The competition will comprise of the following heats:

Each race will comprise of two cars.

Eight heats, first to pass the winning line wins (16 cars in total).
Four quarter finals, first to pass the winning line wins (8 cars).
Two semi finals, first car to win two races wins, cars will switch lanes each time (4 cars).
One final, first car to win two races, cars will switch lanes each time (2 cars).

3. The winner of each race will be decided by the result shown on the 3DBotMaker Electronic Finish Line, this decision is final. In the event of a tie, cars will switch lanes each time until a clear winner is determined.

4. All races will be filmed and the results shown on this page.

5. The sixteen cars will be chosen at random and allocated a driver, all cars are as produced by Hot Wheels and have not been modified in any way.

6. The cars chosen to race remain the property of the organiser.

7. The overall winner will receive a prize or prizes as determined by the organiser, no alternatives will be offered.

8. The entry instructions and rules are subject to change or modification as required.


Posted my entry on Facebook!

  • Duly accepted, thanks for participating — Kevblokey
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