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The Bluebird Special

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Dadvball 11/13/19

Delta, nice to hear from you. It has been quite a while.  Thanks for the offer but after Mattman mentioned 5 packs I was able to score the wagon this morning in WalMart. Thank you Mattman!

Brian, count me in please. 

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NDeavers80 11/18/19

I'm going to send a wagon

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Mattman213 11/18/19

Got them buttoned up and nearly ready to go.  Few small tweaks and they will be in the mail.  


  • Sweet. Dig that green wagon. — redlinederby
  • Thanks! Thats the one the Wife and kid painted up...I wont lie I like it best of the two LOL — Mattman213
  • Mine should have made it, hope they are still in one piece and meet the requirements! — Mattman213

Heading your way!

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LeagueofSpeed 11/25/19
Event coordinator

Underway and looking forward to lining up with everyone at the RLD Home Track...Good Luck.... first Bluebird builds 

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Team164Bruno 11/26/19

Team 1.64 is putting together a couple entries for our first-ever mail in race.  RLD, thanks for hosting and it should fun to see how crappy we are. Here are a couple that two of our team have put together. They still need some love. 

  • What wheels are those red ones? — redlinederby
  • Those are off a ZAMAC Salt Shaker. It's a test to see how they might stack up vs the mighty FTE setups. — Team164Bruno
  • YES! I love the all skinny setup and was going to try it but couldnt find any with axles skinny enough for the Datsun. I will be trying them on a wider build here soon! — Mattman213
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41-14 11/26/19

  • Heading out tomorrow to take on the competition. Hoping she does well. A long road ahead to get there. Hope she makes it. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the track again. — 41-14
  • Damn I didn't know that you were gonna be racing. Lol. 41-14 has been on a roll building some serious speed! See you on the track! — Red_Pill-Racing
  • Trying to sneak in those 50th anniversary wheels I see. — Red_Pill-Racing
  • Lol. Me trying to hide something. Never. Just hoping to be competitive. Keep up with you guys. — 41-14
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Dadvball 11/29/19

Mine is getting mailed today. As always I have high hopes but it's really up in the air on this one. Used super glue to set the front FTE axle cause I'm out of gel. Yep, it ran to the wheel. Had to replace it with the original only to have the same thing happen when I glued the base to the front post. Don't know how that happened. Went through 2 more front axles.  Finally finished late last night. 

Needless to say I won't be using regular super glue again.  

  • Hot glue? — redlinederby
  • I usually use JB Weld but was out of it. Never tried hot glue but I do have a small glue gun so maybe I'll try it. Thanks for the idea. — Dadvball
  • Oh yeah, estimated delivery is Monday. — Dadvball
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LeagueofSpeed 12/1/19
Event coordinator

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NDeavers80 12/2/19

on the way

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41-14 12/2/19


in my haste to get mine in the mail, I forgot the Redline Derby ID. 


  • No prob. I'll know yours is the one without it. Just PM me your return address if you want your car back. — redlinederby
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Team164Bruno 12/3/19

Another pair ready for the race. These are from Brian Hoover and Rob Scruggs from Team1.64

  • Nice Donksun! Interested in seeing how it does! — Mattman213

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