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The Bluebird Special

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ChiefWopahoo 12/3/19
2020 Rated Rookie

One more from Team 1.64 Racing - this one prepped by Neva Hoover. 

Red Pill is on the way. #NoFTE

  • LOL nice. Street Wiener wheels? — Mattman213
  • Yes they are — Red_Pill-Racing
  • Ha! My little boy's (2yr old) quickest car is the Street Wiener with those wheels, only reason I recognize them. I ask him, whos gonna beat such and such car and he yells HOTDOG CAR and goes to get it. His little mind would be blown if he saw your track setup. Im hoping to build him a solid little two laner here soon. — Mattman213
  • Lol. The street Weiner is a great car to harvest wheels from that a lot of people don't know about. Good luck building your 2 lane. Lots of great information here on redline derby. — Red_Pill-Racing
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ChiefWopahoo 12/5/19
2020 Rated Rookie

 Team 1.64 Racing finished up it's final entry, we call it the DatSUN Special pickup. It's set up for a day at the beach complete with clear rear roof panel, second row t-top, and of course a roof surfboard. 

That completes our teams 6 entries into the race, each prepped by a different team member. (Bruno Tabacchi, Kyle McCoy, Vernon Brown, Neva Hoover, Brian Hoover, and Rob Scruggs) Now to bundle them up and get them to Brian.

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redlinederby 12/5/19
Site manager

Nice team photo...BUT...not sure about that pickup being legal. We did specify sedans and wagons only. 

Anyone feel strongly about not letting it run? I guess it's pretty much just a wagon with the back cut off, no?

  • oops.. missed that part. Either way is no problem though. We've had fun just trying to put a few together. — ChiefWopahoo
  • Doesnt bother me unless SOMEHOW cutting the roof off and adding a surf-board is the secret to speed. In which case...BAN HIM and Ill be doing it for the Rookie Race for sure HA! — Mattman213
  • Lol — ChiefWopahoo
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redlinederby 12/5/19
Site manager

Y'all came at the same time! I'll get a good group shot this weekend. 

  • Don’t see mine in that lot. Did it make it there. — 41-14
  • Yours did come, just in a different pickup. We're good. — redlinederby
  • Awesome. Thx Brian — 41-14
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redlinederby 12/7/19
Site manager

I'm going to do another pickup Monday to catch any stragglers, but here's a family photo for now. Wagons definitely the fav.

  • Good looking line-up...Good Luck everyone — LeagueofSpeed
  • First row second from the right. Be afraid. Be very afraid. ;-) — 41-14
  • Third from the right on both front and middle row be afraid...that they might jump lanes and ruin your pass HA! — Mattman213
  • Good looking cars Mattman213 — 41-14
  • Thanks! Wife and 2yo painted the wagon and my original Sedan was a dud so the maroon replacement was a last second deal and didn't have time to make it more unique. Tossed some detailing at it and packed it up! Love seeing the fun customs these races generate and glad to finally be a part of one! — Mattman213

Mine says it got there Friday and was picked up today but I dont see it.

  • Yours is here. I picked it up after I took that photo. Yours and Finkles came on Saturday afternoon. — redlinederby
  • Cool — Red_Pill-Racing
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redlinederby 12/9/19
Site manager

No cars waiting for me today, so I have the full field. Monday night turned out to be kind of a shitter so I should be able to get the lineup and bracket made up but probably no racing until Tuesday or Wednesday.

If you want to check out some more glamour shots of the cars, you can run over the RLD Instagram and see more.

More soon...can't wait to see these things rollin'

  • Looking forward to seeing how it all goes down! — Mattman213
  • Going to great racing everyone again. Race Hard! — MDG_Racing
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redlinederby 12/9/19
Site manager

Check out the bracket

We have 20 cars running, which made 4 qualifying matches. I hope to start racing on Tuesday. I'll post videos as I can get them cut and will try to get things all wrapped up by next Monday.

Should be some good racing in this bunch. Plus we have several newcomers racing in their first RLD tournament, so there could be a few surprises in the mix. Good luck, all!

All cars have been inspected and tagged. Tags listed below.

  • A1 - Dadvball
  • A2 - 41-14 Racing
  • A3 - Sinister Grackle
  • A4 - Mattman213
  • A5 - NDeavers80
  • B1 - JAC Racing
  • B2 - League of Speed
  • B3 - Mattman213 Guest
  • B4 - Go Time
  • B5 - Outlaw Racing
  • C1 - Traction Event
  • C2 - MDG Racing
  • C3 - Bruno Tabacchi
  • C4 - Vernon Brown
  • C5 - Kyle McCoy
  • D1 - Rob Scruggs
  • D2 - Neva Hoover
  • D3 - Brian Hoover
  • D4 - Red Pill Racing
  • D5 - Finkle

  • Awesome to see such a great group turn out. Plan on seeing a lot more of RED PILL RACING at RLD in 2020. — Red_Pill-Racing
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ChiefWopahoo 12/10/19
2020 Rated Rookie

Lol.. I see a bunch of rookies from C3 through D3. Can't even come up with a proper racing name. 

(yeah, I may be one of them)  

  • The racing names are just the person's RLD username that they put on the entry sheet. Site members get their race podium finishes tracked, non-members do not. — redlinederby
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MDG_Racing 12/10/19

Looks like an intersting field with a good mix of cars. Good Luck to all the racers. Glad I was able to get mine completed. Didn't get to do the Newsletter car, kinda worth some money, because it went in a trade. So the mainline MOMO with plain jane J5's ain't much to write home about, but at least its lining up.

Thanks Brian for hosting.

  • Don't be downplaying that MOMO 510 MDG. I have a feeling will be a contender. — Red_Pill-Racing
  • If I hadnt ruined mine there woulda been 3 of em out there! I had a bunch of them local along with the satin and chrome Wagons. — Mattman213
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redlinederby 12/13/19
Site manager

Just a quick update that racing has been completed. I'll be cutting together video this weekend and hope to have final results up by Monday. 

Some really great, close racing in this one. We even had a tie at one's always fun to see both lanes light up. More soon... 

  • Fantastic! Cant wait to see how it all went down. Thanks for putting it all together! — Mattman213
  • Awesome. I don't think I sent a winner but it's always a blast to complete with the great group of people who race here. Good luck to everyone!! — Red_Pill-Racing
  • Anxious for the results here too. The in-house trash talking just won't stop (all in good fun) — ChiefWopahoo

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