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The British are coming! [FULL]

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We are at 25 up to this point. 7 spots left after this post for a guide.

Some iconic builders in this race!! :)

Triple Cross Racers would like to get in with our driver, "Whosoever Will."

I would love to be in! If you have have one starting place left.

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Foursix 3/19/24

I'll build for this!



Foursix Diecast Racing 

Dear Sir, James Blonde and his Jaguar XK Coupe would like to participate in this competition.

I'd like a spot in this event please.

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WesCoasin 3/19/24

Any slots

I'd like to join this event

We are full! Thank you for all the entries. Message me for the mailing address when you're ready or for any other questions.

I have several British cars, but does the Ford Escort RS qualify? Was made & sold in England, it even has the steering wheel on the wrong side!! :)

  • Well ford is an American based manufacturer so I don’t know if this will slide but that’s just my opinion. — Kingjester
  • Yeah, good thought, but we were wanting car manufactures from England. Sweet car still. — LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League
  • Hey no problem! I have a number of Jags, Aston Martins& a few others. Thanks for responding !so fast — G_ForceRacing
  • I would argue that the Escort is a British car even tho Ford is an American company. FORD Europe built the escort from the late 60s to 2000 and sold most of the 4.1 million cars throughout Commonwealth countries (sorry Merica, ya missed out) And love the comment on the steering wheel being on the wrong side, all British cars entered should be Right Hand Drive :-) — EnZedRacing
  • Cool, yeah ‘merica missed out on that one! I watched a vid on one of those cars, shooting flames out the tailpipe, a very fast little car!! — G_ForceRacing
  • I found a nice little Aston Martin which should do nicely. :) — G_ForceRacing
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Kingjester 3/20/24

Currently working on my Lotus sport Elise, but just to make sure, are colored wheels okay or must they be black wheels?

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