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The British are coming! [FULL]

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No colored wheels are ok. Just try not to make them blue. Blue is our background for the chroma key. 

  • Oh shoot it’s good you mentioned that as I actually was gonna put blue wheels in the bad, thanks for the heads up — Kingjester
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RayRaySugar 3/20/24

How did I miss this? Dang, I have a couple of castings that would have been perfect for this. Ugh

  • I'm sorry RayRay. We are hoping to do more cars in the future, just new to this and don't want to over load us. If someone falls out, I will message you. Thank you for the intrest. — LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League

Getting close to sending my Aston Martin out, a few more details & magic dust n she's ready!

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Foursix 4/7/24

Thought I'd ask but why wouldn't it fit, can I run a hot wheels London taxi? Such a bad idea but somebody has to lose????

  • I'll be honest, I don't have one of those but I think it should fit. Can't see why it wouldn't. Cars like that can surprise sometimes! — LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League
  • I meant fit the rules for the build not fit the track — Foursix
  • Sorry, I misunderstood. As long as it's a British Manufacturer, it's good. I assumed it was with it being a London taxi. — LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League
  • Went with this casting, hopefully it's the only one haha! — Foursix
  • Atleast it will be different then any other and who knows, it may actually do good! — LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League
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Spirit_Of_64 4/11/24

Got my Speedtail ready to go!  Also, found a nice little something for the eventual winner...

  • Looking sweet and I'm sure the winner will definitely like the bonus gift! Thank you for that added contribution for the winner! Who know, could be coming back to ya! ;) — LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League
  • Well...if I win, first look out the window for any airborne pigs, then go ahead and send that car to whoever comes in second ;) — Spirit_Of_64
  • LOL — ManiacMotorsports
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Kingjester 4/12/24

This might be a longshot but does the Cockney Cab ll count as a British car? It is technically a fantasy car but it is based off of a heavily modified London taxi and is therefore technically British. My lotus build isn't looking great so I'm asking to figure out what alternatives I could look to.

  • If it were me I’d say send it… — Crazy_Canuck
  • I’ll mod one anyway but I’ll wait for @LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League to give an answer before I send it — Kingjester
  • It's a bit of a stretch. I really like doing only real cars so if you have another I would prefer it, sorry. — LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League
  • It’s fine, I have an Aston Martin db5 so I’ll use that — Kingjester
  • Aston Martin do rock! — G_ForceRacing
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Crazy_Canuck 4/12/24

Was gonna send a Mini but didn't like how it turned here's a Lotus Evora GT4 instead...

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Kingjester 4/13/24

Welp I suppose I'll send in this Bentley Continental I've had lying around for over a year, a wheel swap with sanded wheels and the front fender was sanded down so it doesn't snag on turns, 55.7 grams and I'll be giving it a fresh coat of graphite 

  • Nice!! — G_ForceRacing
  • Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Good ideas with the mods, as I have a few of these also, and the fronts are just barely too low. Can't wait to see the end result. — LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League
  • Are those coins in there? — ManiacMotorsports
  • Yeah, as I said this was an old build, like “before I discovered car weights” old. But I made sure to re-apply some graphite before I sent it — Kingjester

Thought I might as well post my car on here as well as the Redline Derby Showroom

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FeralPatrick 4/14/24

My main entry, and the Jag is for testing and 'just in case' I messed up the McLaren. :)

  • Wow! some sweet rides there. The Mclaren I have like that does't have a problem on the track, especially since I have recently smoothed out the corners. Can't wait to have em here! — LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League
  • Thank you, sir! I'll have them shipped this week. — FeralPatrick
  • Great color choice - McLaren Racing Papya Orange — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
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Foursix 4/26/24

Here's a reminder for those who still have to send in your car this week. Qualifying is next weekend so please send them as soon as your able. 

Thank you Christian.

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