The Bumper... dual lane HW track stopper.

model40fan Sunday, 11/16/2014

Used an extra plastic electrical box that didn't become the sloppy finish, [2] 6", [2] 2.5", [1] 5" strips of .920" x .0625" steel, [2] flat washers welded as spacers, [4] small countersunk screws ;

Bumper section up against the tracks, the box will have multiple layers of foam rubber glued to the back wall, The elastic will return the bumper to this position ;

bumper section slides back on impact ;

an elastic will run from between the stop pads forward to the welded stud, under side shows the steel connectors, fronts have been hammered to make them wider to give an interference fit that anchors the elastic ;


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model40fan 11/17/14

[4] chrome duct tape covered multi density foam layers, the elastic sprung box slides back on the steel conns to help provide shock absorbing ... kids are going to like the crashing into the mirror effect ;

the "Bumper" ...


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