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RaginRicky 4/13/24

Just WOW!!! 
 This is going to be so fun to watch!!

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dr_dodge 4/15/24

Ask to define a rule question.

If The Harvester front bumper imbeds a car on it, 

(as designed to do...go combine)

aka ... they are not their on wheels

do they get the win, or...

do the sisters and get to loot fuel, ammo, and (possibly) their guns?


(hence the International truck, as a Harvester)

  • Rules will be defined in episode 1…however… there will be a benefit for being wheels down… and there will be an opportunity to enable weapons. — Crazy_Canuck
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Crazy_Canuck 4/24/24

  • Hmm, meat tooth wouldn’t be based off a certain sweet tooth would it? — Kingjester
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Crazy_Canuck 4/24/24

Still waiting on 2 cars from StarCorps and IronBeard...but I'm gonna start racing...they can be added in when they get here

may the odds be ever in your favour...

  • makin' popcorn! — dr_dodge
  • You have to be odd to be #1. — Beeks
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StarCorps 5/6/24

My first entry to the Chowhound Gaslands Open by White Nuckle Motoring Speed Shop was lost in the post. 


I have built a second and am sending it priority post. 

This is my Vault-Tec Wastelands Fuel Delivery Vehicle. 

It weighs in at 71 grams and runs the Piston Junction Switchback in 13.5. But despite being a high profile vehicle, it never wobbles on the Switchback. 

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