The Crooked Possum, Possum Hollar that is....

Rusty Sunday, 2/2/2020

Possum Hollar has kinked up!! I've always enjoyed LeagueofSpeed's Bootleg Run track along with several You-Tube tracks.Many have one thing in common,they are  not straight..I've been looking for some of the Vintage double lane curves from Hot Wheels.Well a buddy fixed me up.Now we can play.This is just the starting of the track.Still messing with it,but this is fun.A lot to do still..

Home made starting gate along with a 6 lane finish line.I just like the way they talk..


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Rusty 2/2/20

We do plan on getting it all off the floor..Maybe just a few inches,but off the floor...

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Mattman213 2/2/20

Looks like a fun time!


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LeagueofSpeed 2/2/20
Event coordinator

Fantastic!!! Love a Road Course!!!

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Rusty 2/3/20

Well we got the possum off the floor...

Bet ya never heard that phrase before....;>)

Slowed the track down some,which is what we wanted.

Added the Boar'sNest,etc..

Plus you don't have to bend over as much!!

  • Nice countertop there with the carpet, I should have done that. LOL, haven't heard the Boar's Nest in ages, bravo! Where's Cooter? — redlinederby
  • Looks great — LeagueofSpeed
  • Thanks Guys,Cooter is on his way.. — Rusty
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