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The diecast racing iceberg

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This is all True !!!!. The thing for me that makes it well worth it is seeing the comments and responses after a race is posted. Every one I get a chance to talk to and that watch my Channel makes it worth all the other headaches. 

  • Indeed. The iceberg isn't to say it's not worth it! Just stuff to keep in mind as you grow. — redlinederby
  • Haha I meant to put exclamation marks not question marks. I understand fully why you put it out. It's very well done and accurate. — Comet_Tail_Raceway
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AbbyNormal 6/13/24

Sometime near the start of 2024 I randomly bumped into a video from 3DBotmaker on YouTube. My reaction (as a road racing fan) was Holy WTF is this? Amazing. I began to scan for other die cast racing and was again blown away at the range of hosts and content. As I began to get involved in the various activities of getting cars and getting them ready to race it slowly dawned on me the amount of work it takes to host - manage - promote - and produce a single race. 

As someone who enjoy all the details - challenges - and creativity that goes into transformaing a stock car into a race car I thank these folks for providing a place to race. And whether your car is ripping up the track or flailing away in last place - seeing your efforts on the YouTube, however brief, is a big reward. 

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