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The Dusty Classic, Rip-n-Roll

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redlinederby 6/19/18
Site manager

Here is the bracket preview. We lucked out with an even number, so no byes should be needed.

I seeded it putting households and 2-car entries within the same block so as to try to avoid the same house/team being 1st and 2nd place. You'll end up having to beat your family or your other car to make it to the final. Just felt this was more fair given all the entries and so many coming from the same household. 

If anyone has a beef or sees something that would be a better match-up, state your case soon. The bracket will be locked once I start racing.

  • Looks good! We're just happy to be racing. Thanks for running them! — Diecast64
  • No I way that's random. — LeagueofSpeed
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Dadvball 6/20/18

Right in the front row!  This is the first time I've been in the first race so it's pretty cool.  Of course I may also be the first one out of the race lol.  

On a side note, seeing that the Rally Cat is so popular and possibly fast I just picked up a couple to try. May be worthy of the LJLRC A Stock class. We shall see. 

Good luck everybody!

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redlinederby 6/20/18
Site manager

Just a notice that final racing results might not get posted until next week. Nights have been busier than expected this week and the weekend is front-loaded, but hoping I can get some done in the evening.

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LeagueofSpeed 6/21/18
Event coordinator

  • Awesome. Looks good — 41-14
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redlinederby 6/25/18
Site manager

First round has rolled! See the bracket

First round commentary

Most of the races have been extremely close at the finish, with the winners victorious by less than a car length. Mo's Rally Cat and Dadvball's Mustang traded wins for 3 heats in a first sign of drama. Things remained calm until Wild Rose's Bone Shaker upset(?) the Funny Car from Utah in a 3-heat battle. Then the Repaid Responder of Little Bug traded blows with NDeaver's Off Track FTE to finish up the first round with some excitement.

I have to say that the performance of the Rally Cat's has been better than I expected. I had not experience with them and they don't scream "I'm a contender" at first look, but they wide wheelbase certainly gives them a good fighting chance.

  • Sorry for being a bit lazy on the video...trying to see how many corners I can cut in the name of saving time. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 6/29/18
Site manager

The final results are in! Congratulations to G-Force Racing out of Utah!

G-Force's Firebird Funny Car lasted through all rounds to meet up with League of Speed and his Preying Menace car in the final. The box full of cars will be heading out West very soon.

Thanks to everyone that sent in cars. For the most part, all the races were very close, determined by bumpers and not car lengths. Things got dramatic in Round 2 when LoS and Speed Force went to blows for five heats. 

I updated the video playlist in the top post to include the complete tournament, and the bracket has been updated as well. 

And my apologies again for the rather basic video coverage. With so many entries and clips, going the slow-mo and editing route was just too unwielding and time-consuming. This is the first video I've made in a while so I'm still getting my workflow down and learning some new software. I wanted it to look better but it would have taken me weeks to get a final video out.

  • Ha!!! No and G seem to draw each other every race...Congrats Lil Buddy!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • Guess if me and wild rose have to go out. It may as well be to the eventual champion. Great job g-force. Well deserved victory little man. — 41-14
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41-14 6/30/18

Great job on hosting Brian. Lots of fun. That’s a very fast track with lots of close racing. Really looking forward to when corvette summer rolls in to challenge Red Line Derby Speedway. Should be lots of fun.  

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NDeavers80 6/30/18

Congrats to the winner. Thanks for hosting racing looked close.. 

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Diecast64 7/5/18

Finally had a chance to get logged in and comment. First off, big thanks to Brian for hosting the race and the time and work put in. Awesome job! Second great racing everyone. Most of those races looked super close. That was a lot of fun and G-Force was super excited. He had a cousin that won a winner take all rip'n'race about a year or so ago with that same casting so he was hoping it would bring him home the cars.  I thought I had the better cars, haha, but I guess he knew what he was doing.

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