The Dusty Classic, Rip-n-Roll

Friday, June 22nd, 2018
redlinederby Saturday, 5/5/2018
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Our family dog, Dusty, passed away this Easter and he loved riding in cars as much as he loved chasing Hot Wheels when we'd play with them on the floor. In his memory, we'll have a good old fashioned rip-n-roll tournament. Find a car and send it in modding, no nothing. Any and all cars welcome, but this is for pinks! Winners will get all the cars.

Highlights & Results

Congratulations to G-Force Racing out of Utah. Their Firebird Funny Car survived all extremely close rounds of racing. G-Force will receive all the cars entered in this tournament. Bravo to League of Speed for claiming the runner-up position with his Preying Menace car. 

Thanks to everyone that sent in cars. All the races were close and I felt anyone could have gone home with the gold. 

See the final bracket

Rules & restrictions

  • Stock entries only. Cars must be on the card/blister upon arrival
  • 3.25in. long x 2in. tall x 1.25in. wide
  • Limit 2 entries per household
  • All axles and wheels allowed
  • No lubes
  • All brands allowed

This is a pink slip tournament. The winner will receive all the entry cars. You will NOT get your car(s) back. No substitutes or swapping allowed.

Dates & deadlines

All entries must be received by the host before Friday, 6/15/2018. Racing is scheduled for Friday, 6/22/2018. Results will be posted on or after that date as is convenient for the host.

How to enter

Send your entries to:
Redline Derby Racing c/o Brian Vaughn
PO Box 842
Grove City, OH 43123

Please include a $1.00 entry fee. This will go toward shipping the prize pot of cars to the winner. Please print and include a Race ID slip with your entry


The winner will receive all the entry cars. The number of cars will depend on the number of entrants and how many cars they choose to enter.


Races will be run on the Redline Derby Speedway track.

Race format and scoring

This will be a single-elimination tournament. A car will move on in the bracket only when it wins two races in a row. Cars will alternate lanes between each race.

The car that wins the final race will be declared the winner. Race host has final decision in all races.

Bracket seeding will be random but will try to avoid having entrants race themselves in the final. 


If a car fails to meet any of the restrictions listed above, the car will not qualify for tournament prizes. Offending cars will still race. Prize will go to the runner-up in the case of penalty car winning.

Cars that fail to run or fit on the track, or that happen to break during racing, will forfeit their matches. Cars that break during the tournament will not be repaired or replaced.

For Dusty...

He was a good dog that had a rough start in life but eventually ended up with our family where he spent the last few years of his life surrounded by love and happiness. We miss you, buddy. 


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41-14 5/6/18


Sorry for the loss of your dog Dusty. They certainly become a big part of the family. And to honour his memory, 41-14 Racing, Wild Rose Racing, and Little Bug Racing will definitely take part in “The Dusty Classic” Rip-n-roll......

41-14. (Brian Oldford)

The Legion of Speed would all like to, is 4 cars from the house of the Legion acceptable to the host?

  • Sure thing, more the better for the rip races — redlinederby
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Dadvball 5/6/18

Sorry for your loss. I will also be sending in 2 cars. 

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redlinederby 5/6/18
Site manager

I was made aware of some events happening in June so had to push this back a couple weeks until the 22nd. Gives everyone a few more weekends to find some cars. 

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Rusty 5/6/18

Great idea to honor your best friend!!

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NDeavers80 5/6/18

Will be my first redline derby race. 


  • Awesome, ND. Glad you're joining in. A rip-n-roll is a great way to see how things work. — redlinederby
  • ND...glad you made it over to RLD!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • I race with and against ND over at D64 — LeagueofSpeed
  • Welcome ND Racing, see ya in lane 2 — Mopar_Mafia
  • Thanks guys excited to start racing with you all — NDeavers80
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Mopar_Mafia 5/7/18

I've got 2 box stock Camaros on their way to the Buckeye State.

We will Honor your Dog...and then blow everyone else off the Track...The Legion marches into O-HI-O bringing the SPEED...well, they look fast in the blister pack anyway.

...ship out within the next two weeks...or when I ship the Vettes.

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41-14 5/23/18

Cars picked out,  packaged up tonight, and getting shipped out tomorrow.....On our way to tear up the track in Ohio.  See you all in lane 2



  • Cars from Canada arrived today. Thanks! — redlinederby
  • Awesome. Can’t wait to get on the track. Good luck to all. — 41-14
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Sweet 5/26/18

Looks like Dusty had a good life...Nice way to honor him. This will be my first race and I HAVE to win, I'm low on HWs.....Here's a pic of my last dog, I've had ten English Pointers...she was my best...Her name was..."SWEET"

  • PM your address and I'll send some your way...I got plenty. — LeagueofSpeed
  • I'll be going to Walmart this weekend...I really appreciate your offer. It speaks volumes for the caliber of people on this forum.....I may take you up on your offer in the future. LOL — Sweet
  • Just let me know — LeagueofSpeed
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NDeavers80 6/4/18

Getting mine ready to go out today

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Sweet 6/4/18

Two headed out tomorrow!

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