Redline Derby Speedway

Total length
Drag strip


  • Style: Drag strip
  • Total length: 18 ft.
  • Lanes: 4
  • Built by: redlinederby


2020 Update

I rebuilt this track in late 2020 after remodeling my basement. The transition was redesigned and tweaked, allowing for more graceful runs and more speed. All 4 lanes are now seamless orange track rather than the previous mix-n-match option. Otherwise, just a few coats of paint.

This is my second race track after retiring my first track back around 2013. My family moved into a new house in 2014 and with that came some new opportunities for racing. The new house had a finished basement and one wall was empty and void of poles, pillars and shelving. It was the perfect space for a track and the perfect length.

I had seen others that had created shelf tracks and thought this would be perfect for the space I had. I bought some boards, some brackets and took a weekend to put it all together. That was the easy part. Now all I needed was the track.

Considering I'd need some length to stop cars, the total length of available track space was right around 18 feet...plenty for a good track. Then through some luck, I managed to buy myself a seamless roll of Hot Wheels orange track, which comes as a 50 foot roll. It took some time to get straightened out but it got there.

I cut it down to size and gave me 2 lanes with a healthy chunk left over for fun. And this time, rather than making my own starting gate and finish line, I opted to use 3DBotMaker accessories for both, each support 4 lanes. Both products have performed wonderfully.

I run Redline Derby tournaments on the two middle lanes that have the seamless track. The outside lanes are currently a mix of orange track from my stash but I only use those lanes when racing with my family.

Having a shelf track is very convenient and a ton of fun. It's a quasi-permanent setup. The shelf will always be there but the track can come down if I so choose, but it pretty much stays up all the time. It's off the floor and out of the way but still accessible to kids.