621 Track

Total length
Drag strip


  • Style: Drag strip
  • Total length: 17.5 ft.
  • Lanes: 6
  • Built by: WeRaceDiecast


The 621 Track is found at WeRaceDiecast on YouTube.

The 621 track [six(6) lanes too(2) one(1) lane] is a spin-off of Hot Wheels popular 6-lane speedway track set. When cars run downhill and hit the straight portion the track opens up from 6 lanes to 1 lane. This is done with the use of 4' x 8' sheets of coroplast (corrugated plastic). This open area gives the car's room to roam and interact with each other and it leads to some interesting situations. 

The track start gate is electronic. A push-button halfway down the track can be triggered to activate the start gate; luckily there is a 3 second waiting period before the gate opens to give the filmer time to run to the start area to begin filming. The finish line is a simple piece of thin tape. We thought about adding a timer, but decided to hold off because the single lane 621 track can be removed to add in other variations of track to the 6-lane track.

The stock version of Hot Wheels 6-lane speedway allows for 6 standard cars. But we modded it to extend the area prior to the start gate to allow 3 cars per lane. So Maximum of 18 cars could be raced at the same time.

The track is built on a ledge midway up the wall so it sits a little above the waist. This is nice because it is up out the way and since the track takes up so much space, it helps.

Being a big 3D fan, his races inspired us to get started on YouTube. while we don't have a completed custom track at this time, we wanted to get a track up and running to begin our journey on YouTube. My son is also a big inspiration as he is a huge fan of hot wheels and together we enjoy spending time races cars on a nearly daily basis.