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The FREEZIE500 @ 905Diecast

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Triple_B 1/9/23

Triple B from Shredder Speedway would love to drive in this one. #44 please ! I'll get a build going for it. Didn't happen to see the mailing address for this ???? ?????

  • 3B…yer in…I will PM shipping addy…cheers buddy — Crazy_Canuck


How many spots can we have? We have 5 drivers that work on there own cars (my brother and I, two nephew's and my son). 3 drivers at one address and 2 at another.


Kelston Gray 

Grayboys Racing drivers: 

#17 Kelston Gray (Me)

#19 Chandler Gray (son)

#16 Hudson Gray (Nephew)

#18 Easton Gray (Nephew)

#15 Kyle Gray (Brother)

  • Now that’s a family of fun…as long as they all have their own team name and driver name…as long as they build their own car, and as long as they are ok with possibly having their car impaled on a spike if it comes in last…I will accept…PM me if you have any other concerns — Crazy_Canuck
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Driepe51 1/10/23

Any spots left In this one?! If so count Doc in! 

Any openings??  Iron Beard Customs would like in.  #00

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PWC_racing 1/13/23

As it's not showing full for the event are there still openings and if so. 


  • I’m gonna pull a JimD here and leave it open for the time being…yer in bud! — Crazy_Canuck
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Crazy_Canuck 1/20/23

I've sent out shipping info...if you need the shipping address again please PM me and I will send it to you for your records. 


#3 Code 3 Motorsports Chief in please sir

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johnson9195 1/27/23

If there is still an open spot, I would like to send in a car for this too.

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GrumpyCloud 1/28/23

It's a long way to Verglasia from Penal Planet 10. Good thing Sky-Runner is the fastest squid in Limbo. Mon*Star is coming.

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FeralPatrick 1/30/23

Whipped this up today. I'll call it my Franken-1 for now. 

Cars are starting to arrive and it looks like we've got a full field of 36...I'm super impressed with the ones I've received and it's got me super excited to see what everyone else comes up with...this might just be one of those recurring tournaments...we'll see how it goes

  • That would awesome!!!!! The F4B saga continues — RAGTAG_JIM

Hailing from the planet Grimalkin, Rufus Lyder is a cocky speed merchant who'll race nearly any type of vehicle(especially if the money's right).  Suffering a horrendus veelocycle accident, Rufus undergoes massive amounts of low-budget skin grafts more akin to a casing than proper grafts.  He's taken this in stride, going so far as to comission a hot dog shaped racer he's dubbed 'Sausage Lynx'.  He travels to Verglasia to seek thrills, fame, fortune, and a bottle of Verglasian syrup(best in the known galaxy).

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