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The Hatchback Tournament (Entry Level Style)

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RaSungod 4/2/21

I'm in for 2!

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RaSungod 4/3/21

Also: can we sand the wheels?

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Dadvball 4/3/21

Can you please put me in for 2?

  • Nice looking forward to getting them in. No need to request or reserve. I need to update with a deadline date for cars to be in. But plenty of time for sure. — WeRaceDiecast

I want to join with 1 entry

  • Yes sir! We are accepting cars now! No need to pre-register. — WeRaceDiecast

Quick Update:

Officially added the DEADLINE date to get cars in as May 30th! So Plenty of time. Also, we will have a tentative start date for races on June 30th!

Looking forward to getting your cars in!

  • cool is that just after your DIRS leg ? — CapperDeluxe
  • It should be or at least starting towards the end of it. I plan on running 2 videos a week during DIRS. so DIRS and something of my own, but not sure how it all lines up. Super excited for DIRS to come here though! — WeRaceDiecast
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Big_Al 4/6/21

I've got my entries ready.  I'm really hoping to make it out of the first round with at least one of em this time...

  • Nice! Love the styling on the '16', starting to feel recognizable now! — WeRaceDiecast
  • For sure! I got some decals from Josh at Rust Belt and they look fantastic! No more shaky hand painted 16s for me! — Big_Al

I'm definitely sending 1 car maybe 2 messaged you on YouTube earlier. Thanks for the response. 

  • Nice and glad you made it here! Get ready this will be a fun one. — WeRaceDiecast
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Coopdevil 4/9/21

My Scooby and Focus have gone into the airmail today.


  • Sweet! I post all cars that come in on Facebook, so look out for it to show up soon! — WeRaceDiecast
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UncleBuster 4/9/21

Greetings to all! I just joined, so in the spirit of jumping straight into the deep end, I'll be sending in two fau vays.

Uncle Buster 

  • Sounds good! Looking forward to getting your Rides in! — WeRaceDiecast

Trying to get into contact with Rez Wheelz Racing in regards to cars that were sent in. I don't have any contact information for them. Thanks for any help!

Just curious, is there still space open for entries? if so, I'm in for one.

  • Sorry about the delayed response. Ya there is time, basically till the end of May to get your cars in. The post actually mentions this, don't feel bad though most people obviously haven't read that lol But ya man, happy to have you if you still want to play! — WeRaceDiecast
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Uncle_Elvis 5/8/21

Shipped this morning 

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