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LeagueofSpeed Thursday, 4/19/2018

I have not been pleased with the catch boxes I've seen or the ones I've used/constructed, so as often times happens with me....when my mind is winding down, I come up with these the set-up in the pics below is the actual entrance into the new catch box, which I will construct in the next couple of days...I have all the raw material. This set-up helps to take some of the momentum off the cars before they enter the catch box...and let's me use some vintage stuff in the process. I have raised the Lap Counter to show how the cars weight can not push it down and once through it's weight can't push it through the old finish line, which I've increased the tension with a rubber band and the old finish line will also catch any rebound and keep the cars in the catch box.


  • These two sections will help kill the cars momentum entering the catch box...of that I have no doubt. — LeagueofSpeed

I will eventually transition to the Sizzlers Speed Brake, and may pull the trigger on this auction, as this would be the perfect momentum killer before entering any catch box....just have to make sure you're getting one that still works properly.

  • I'd also want to come up with a way to permanently set it to maxium braking. — LeagueofSpeed
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redlinederby 4/19/18
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Good idea using the existing playset stuff. I need something better for my catch box, like you, always something I'm never quite happy with after having tried several iterations and ideas. But I'm probably overthinking the problem when a good bunch of foam will probably do the trick.

  • The catch box will have some foam for will be up tomorrow — LeagueofSpeed

Getting the "egg crate" mattress foam glued into the catch-box, this stuff is excellent at absorbing energy.

To say I'm pleased with how this catch-box turned out would be an kills the energy fantastically.

  • Your car's are safe at race ends here at LoS Racing Grounds — LeagueofSpeed
  • Nice design! Barrier between lanes to keep cars from contacting one another and LOTS of padding. — GspeedR
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GspeedR 6/12/18

FWIW, any catch box design that uses side pressure to slow the cars down(eg: the Sizzlers Speed Brake) will most likely stress(read as "bend") the axles of any open-wheeled car. Even full-fendered cars with wheels slightly protruding from the fenders could be susceptible to damage. I once attended a club race where they used a 'side squeeze' catch box. It really put a damper on my choice of race entries.

  • I simplified it...they just rebound off the foam and back down the great and no damage to the cars. — LeagueofSpeed
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