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The Mayes Mountain Nissan Tournament

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Put me down for two entries, please! Probably a Skyline GT-R R34 and an H/T 2000 GTX, if I can avoid disaster when drilling them out

  • Finally a Race in public against each other in modified cars Good luck , hope you lose :) — CapperDeluxe
  • I've gone for different cars than originally intended, 300zx and a Sylvia. The numbers on them are #8 and #13 — Fractal_Panda
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The_Commish 4/1/21

Jesus I hope I can get a slot with everyone entering multiple entries... :(

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Coopdevil 4/1/21

Calling dibs on race number 74. I know it's supposed to be on the roof but the T-top on the Z32 made that look odd so it ended up on the rear screen instead.

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Sneaky_Bob 4/1/21

Count me in for 2.  They are close to being done already.

Do u have a space for me ?

Is there still room?

two coming your way:

#14 - Eh-Wagon (A-Wagon)

and #6 - the Maple Silvia

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BiffsPlace 4/6/21

Do you have room for one more? 

Id love to join if theres room. 1 entry

Count me in! I've got one car in the works and coming your way soon, the No. 22 "Pink Lightning" R32 GTR.
As of right now, the car's pretty much ready to go. I'm just waiting for the racing number and sponsor decals to arrive. once they're applied, the car will be ready to be sent out.

  • The car's ready to race! Shipping it out in the next couple of days! — Jradcliffe9013
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Coopdevil 4/9/21

Posted my "Knee-Sarn 300 Zee-Ecks" out today. Not sure how long it will take to fly over from Britain but it's got a month to get there.


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Flip81 4/13/21

Here's one of my car's 

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