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The Mayes Mountain Nissan Tournament

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Sneaky_Bob 4/15/21

Here are the 2 entries from Vapor Racing.  They should go out tomorrow.

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WallyChamp73 4/16/21

Is it too late for me to participate?

I am in for 2

#71 and #72 Please

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RLoRacing 5/5/21

Sending one tomorrow or Friday, #69

Hi Mike,

Can I send in an entry for this race?   Do you assign the numbers or do I?

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UncleBuster 5/6/21

Mine are inbound.

Hoping my cars have arrived. They were mailed out from Scotland on 13 April, but tracking has had them sitting with USPS in New York since 23 April, no update since then!

  • Ah, never mind, someone has pointed me at the Facebook group, they are there! — Fractal_Panda

Heading Out to the Mountain! 

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