The new booster is almost here!

Racing_with_Robert Tuesday, 6/12/2018

I found this on Amazon today. It's not available yet but I put two on pre-order. I'll review them as soon as they come in. I like the new design. ~Robert


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LeagueofSpeed 6/12/18
Event coordinator

If I do a 6th Track...I think it would be a non-gravity powered track...hence a booster powered track using the Vintage Redline Lap Counter, which goes up to 20 laps. It would be cheaper than getting into Sizzlers...even though I want to pursue that venue as well, but I know booster racing works because we did that just as much as gravity racing back in the 70's.

  • Sounds like a cool idea. Would you have two tracks side-by-side for simultaneous racing? In other words, first one to twenty laps wins? — Racing_with_Robert
  • Yes...we used to build tracks like that in my childhood all the time — LeagueofSpeed
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redlinederby 6/12/18
Site manager

Neat...I like the criss-cross connector option. The Lego support is a bonus!

I do those all the time I might order 1 and put it on the track directory. Ill call it the "Gaalswyk Motor Speedway"

Okay, so 'coming soon' is a relative term. Amazon sent me an email that said it had an updated delivery date. I got all excited until I saw that the date range is anywhere from August 14th to October 17th. At least they don't charge my card until the order ships.

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