The new Redline Derby Racing forum

redlinederby Saturday, 4/24/2010
Site manager

Welcome to the NEW Redline Derby Racing forums!

The forums had to move from the Ning community that had been serving RDR members since last year because Ning decided to change their business model to all paid rather than ad-supported. Since the message boards were the most used part of the Ning community, I decided to host my own message board...which also means we don't have to worry about it shutting down!

If you're a current member of the Redline Derby Racing community, please sign-up for a new account at this message board. I know it sucks having to re-sign-up but there's no way around it at this point.

To all new members, welcome, and enjoy yourself! I think you'll find a very passionate group people that love Hot Wheels cars and love racing with them.

Happy racing!

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