The new stunt track challenge

Jobe Wednesday, 10/20/2010

Here is the beginning of my new stunt track challenge I hope to run at my next race.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Made loop braces out of 1x6's, fits right between the ridges on the bottom of the track, didn't even need tape or velcro.
90% of the cars I tested made it through. Then there is going to be a hump where the faster cars will actually get airborne then I'm thinking a final jump at the end through a ring of fire...with real flames! ok maybe cardboard flames.


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redlinederby 10/20/10
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I was wondering when someone would start throwing in some playset fun Nice job on those braces too, that's some craftsmanship and effort right there. Looks like your planks still do well as a base. Good to see.

You can do a whole olympic games type thing. Loops, long jump, 100m dash, tug of war...

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JDC442 10/21/10

Totally gnarly! Can't wait to see the rest!

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markkaz 11/7/10

Are your loops fastened to the wood?

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