Digging up the old RLD live blog

redlinederby Wednesday, 12/2/2020
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Back when I was running the Redline Derby Fantasy League (circa 2012-2014), I tried to live-blog the racing since streaming and instant video was less than easy. I used Tumblr to quick post photos and commentary while I was racing. I thought it was pretty cool at the time but it really didn't pan out like I had hoped...anyway...in doing some web domain clean-up, I found that the old Tumblr is (surprisingly) still up and active. Go figure.

So if you're interested in what Redline Derby was doing 10 years ago, here's a little window into that world. My how things have changed...and not changed...

Relive the Redline Derby Tumblr live blog


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Mattman213 12/2/20

Thats a cool archive to have around!


  • Is pretty fun to see all those old photos. I used to do so much racing every week, it was nuts. Funny how much you could get done before kids, huh? — redlinederby
  • YES!!!!!! My Son has gotten me back into HotWheels for sure but I had many many many other hobbies before he came along that ground to a halt. Luckily we both enjoy this one so we can do it together and have a great time! — Mattman213
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redlinederby 2/20/24
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Bump for fun. It's nice when the internet works like it should and preserves our past, even after we've moved on.

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GspeedR 2/20/24

Ah, memories...I donated the red Chrysler Thunderbolt that eventually became the season 12 champ. That car was initially slow but became noticably faster with each race. The white BMW M1 was also one of my entries, it took 2nd IIRC. I entered the 2nd red Chrysler Thunderbolt in the RLD Holiday race. Since all entries were 'in package', I entered it hoping it would 'break in' the same as the season 12 car, and it did. The brackets were double elimination. My red T-bolt lost its first race then went on to sweep the loser's bracket. However, Smitty's Way-2-Fast FTE was just too much for the Chrysler. It lost by half a car length in the grand finals.

  • Memories indeed...it's great to hear that you remember those days! I couldn't tell you who donated which car but I remember setting things up and rolling those guys down the track Sunday mornings. Simpler times. — redlinederby
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dr_dodge 2/28/24

bump for tomorrow, it's late

and more cool history


Can someone tell me the name of the car circled in yellow? Thanks!

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