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The Orange Monster Rally

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Ok thanks.

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LeagueofSpeed 12/30/18
Event coordinator

Getting ready to go Green with Heats 19-36...I knew with some teams having 18 cars that meeting up in the heats would have to happen eventually...but managed to keep it at bay until Heat 34-36 will have the Legion doubled up at times...50/50 to advance to the Knock Out or have 2 cars I could do until we get 36 seperate teams at 6 cars a piece.

Peace and Speed-LoS

So close but yet so far away.

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LeagueofSpeed 12/31/18
Event coordinator

The podium is now ready for our eventual Champion...thanks for the inspiration RLD...the perfect mascot indeed!!!

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Dadvball 1/1/19

Thanks for such an awesome race!  Great job on the video and music as well. Tons of really tight racing. Congrats to the winner!  I won't say who so early in the thread so as not to spoil the video. 

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Jav74 1/2/19

Thanks LoS. Congrats to the winner!

When are you going to send back the cars?

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Dadvball 1/22/19

You can hold mine if it's easier and just send them back with the Winters War cars. 

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