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The Quest for Speed

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LeagueofSpeed 7/3/18
Event coordinator

  • Alright...we're caught up and back on the every two weeks schedule...Good Luck on Your Quest..... — LeagueofSpeed
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Dadvball 7/3/18

Good racing!  I was rooting for the Fairmont but wondered if the VW was the dark horse in the race. Never thought it could beat the FTE Sprocket. Then reality set in during its next race.   I have a burgandy/silver version from the New Superfast released years ago. Not fast enough to race but cool enough to look at. 

Upset thought fte would go all the way.

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LeagueofSpeed 11/19/18
Event coordinator

  • Good racing! Is this the race you do to find your fastest cars? — Jav74
  • No...just for fun and for the channel — LeagueofSpeed
  • Cool. — Jav74

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