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The Redline Rumble

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redlinederby 10/16/20
Site manager

Just a quick note that all Rumble cars are here at HQ and ready to roll.

Let me get a little organized and I'll get this thing run and on the books. Exact date TBD...and most likely, this race will just show up as "finished" without much warning.

I'll do a preview post/video here soon.

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redlinederby 10/17/20
Site manager

Roll call! Here's the entries per racer, in no particular order:

Nick Deavers / NDeavers80 (Entry #7, #22)

Josh Paufler / Rust Belt Racing (Entry #2, #13)

Paul Gruell / Mayfield41 (Entry #1, #19)

Romy Rivera / Rivera Racing (Entry #14, #20)

Brian Vaugnn / Redline Derby Racing (Entry #5, #11)

Matt Allen / Mattman213 (Entry #9, #18)

Mat DeAngelis / Worpex Racing (Entry #3, #12)

Bill Hicks / Dadvball (Entry #15, #16)

Penny Vaughn / Redline Derby Racing (Entry #8, #17)

Joey Clemons / CustomLEDBikes (Entry #4, #21)

Alex Eliopoilos / Secondhand Speed (Entry #6, #10)

And there we go, we're ready to race. Some sweet lookin' builds in this bunch. You can check out the entry order here if you need a refresher...your spot probably changed since the Spring due to dropouts.

I'm going to try and do the racing this week and have results put together with a video by next weekend. 

  • Awesome, great looking rides. Forgot I sent that van LOL — Mattman213
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redlinederby 10/18/20
Site manager

I had all the cars lined up and my kid picked out the prettiest, fastest, and her favorite cars.

  • Fastest: Deavers' Fairmont
  • Favorite: Mayfield41's Lucky Charms Vette
  • Prettiest: Worpex's iJag

We'll see if her fastest pick translates into a real winner...or maybe all you need to win is a nice paint job. Good luck!

  • Who doesn't like some lucky charms.. is there a reward for the slowest. I should win that one — Mayfield41
  • I asked her to pick the car that looks the slowest but she said "they all look fast" - so hey, everyone's a winner in her eyes. — redlinederby
  • The Jag is pretty, I agree! It's also pretty fast! — WorpeX
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redlinederby 10/18/20
Site manager

Quick note that I had to swap out one of my cars, the Ferrari, because it was an FTE build and I totally forgot this was a non-FTE race. Sorry for any confusion. I just grabbed some previous mods since I didn't make any specific for this race...didn't pay bad. The Aquaman car replaces the Ferrari as shown above. Aquaman is stock, nothing fancy.

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