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The Showdown: Gov'ner vs CCM

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LeagueofSpeed 4/3/20
Event coordinator

We've had two teams drop out in as many days...this race has to have 16 teams/32 cars to really, we won't postpone yet...but it's a possibility. I'll keep everyone posted.

  • If it comes down to needing one more team to make it work I'll try to field two cars with L&M but I'm gonna have to search high and low for Luke's CCM. I cant find it to save my danged life — Mattman213
  • I was trying to keep multiple teams out of this one...we'll see how it cancellation just postponment — LeagueofSpeed
  • Oh ok I gotcha, then nevermind! — Mattman213
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LeagueofSpeed 4/4/20
Event coordinator

We're now up to 3 teams that have pulled out of the Race...and this is a race where I don't want multiple cars from the same Workshop...myself, we're going to Postpone the Showdown until at which time we can get 16 teams/32 cars in the Event.

...hang in there peeps...we will get back to normal one day.

  • Understood. Go ahead and pick a random new date a few months out then. It’ll keep it on the calendar at least. — redlinederby
  • Okay — LeagueofSpeed

Still working on my CCM

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LeagueofSpeed 4/6/20
Event coordinator

New date as of now is August 1st

...may get moved up, but it's where it slots best in the calendar for now.

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LeagueofSpeed 5/22/20
Event coordinator

Going to Run the Showdown on Father's Day Weekend... time for another roll call...sound off if you're on the Team list and still planning on Racing 

I'm gonna sit this one out. Watch the big dogs from shade of the porch with a tall glass of ice tea.

I'm in for the funny cars, Dixie Gran Prix, and Muscle Mania. Get all those cars in order maybe I can concentrate on edjumicating myself on modding.

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Mattman213 7/9/20

Is this race still set for Aug 1?  If so I gotta get my butt in gear!!!!


  • The whole end of July and 1st of August gave gotten slammed...I'll have something up soon in regards — LeagueofSpeed

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