The simplest and cheapest digital track timer ever !!!

Stroller Tuesday, 1/19/2016

I am going to try and build this one as soon as I learn to solder.

Tell me what ya think....Stroller the olde


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72_Chevy_C10 1/20/16
Event coordinator

I might just have to attempt this! Make is a great site...always something interesting on there!

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redlinederby 1/20/16
Site manager

That is pretty nifty, very DIY. Fair warning about those light sensors though, I found them to be very picky when I tried to make my own sensor line several years ago. It's a case where you'll need a truss over the track with lights shining down on the track. Otherwise the variance in ambient light will play havoc with your sensor.

I think IR or other beam sensors are far more reliable but probably need more circuits or something.

I dig the use of the stop watch though, nice pretty numbers at least.

  • I was thinking that a couple of long hinge micro switches would make it easier. — Stroller
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