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The Survivor Series FULL

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Count me in please and thank you!  #4 - Daddy G

Count me in please - #72 if it is still available 

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Numbskull 8/8/22

This will be awesome.  Count me in please.  #21.

Ca$h Money will take #22

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Flip81 8/8/22

Flip in. #81 Flips Racing 

If there is still a spot would love to jump in!  #63

  • You’re in! Good luck. — DiecastDudeRacing
  • Hey Dude, had issues on farm and sorry am late. Car is on it's way! Should be there by Wednsday. — Bent_Rod_Racing
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ShannonBR 8/8/22

Down Squad Racing would like to be in. #11

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GrumpyCloud 8/8/22

YES!  This series is the best.  I'll take number 816 please.


Can NewJersey Drive Racing Participate?

Spirit Of '64 is down!  #64 please!  

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PuffsRacing 8/9/22

I want in #17

I'll race #K9

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