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The Survivor Series FULL

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Bolo_Brown 8/9/22

This is gonna be awesome count me in #40

Iron Beard Customs #00

  • You’re in. However 00 is taken. Is there another number I could entice you with? — DiecastDudeRacing

00 is my #, I looked through the roster and didn't see anyone with 00..  if I can't use it then #44 I guess?? Can I use a lethal diesel?

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MQHracing 8/11/22

Is there still a spot?

mqh racing #7

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Sam_Haul 8/11/22

Sam Haul, #6

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RaSungod 8/11/22

Ra Sungod #79!

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WesCoasin 8/11/22

Any spots left. Wes Coasin #24

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Sneaky_Bob 8/15/22

I will take a spot if one is available. Again.

Sneaky Bob #21

I'll take a spot if available!! #32!! LMK

Count me in please!  Can the #8 GT40 that I sent to you in June (that can't go in the MDS because I foolishly sent two #8s together) be entered into this race instead?


I'd like a Reserve spot please

Jonny's Speed Shop

Driver: Jon Vista

Can I please have at least a reserve spot for this?

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