The Tooned Manga Tuner, a car that divides

redlinederby Thursday, 1/9/2020
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I first saw the Manga Tuner over at Orange Track Diecast and shared it on the RLD Facebook page…and it got quite the reaction. What I thought would just be a fun little share turned into something heavily debated. It seems to be either loved or hated. Neat.

Historically speaking, I am not a fan of the Tooned Series of cars. I generally don’t like anything that doesn’t have proper proportions. I got no good reason why, I love cartoons but in cars it's just not my bag, I guess. But somehow this cartooned up Mad Manga is the exception. The style compliments the subject.

I’ll also write it off as a bit of my Japan-ophilia and interest in Japanese pop culture. From anime to cars to pro wrestling, I love seeing how Japanese styles are used to cast a whole new light on something that’s been there the whole time.

Now, from a racing standpoint, this thing is most likely a mess. Somehow I feel you’ll be lucky if the Manga Tuner doesn’t topple over at the bottom of the hill. It’s certainly very top heavy and short…it won’t be your first pick for a race entry, lets put it that way.


Maybe that means we need a Manga Tuner only race? It would certainly be a challenge, and I do love seeing how people approach making the same car faster, especially ones that aren’t too fast from the get go. Hmmmm…we’ll see…until then, maybe keep an eye out for these things and grab a few for safe keeping.

What say you about this smushed up little import? Fan or nay?

Thanks to Orange Track Diecast for sparking this debate. Make sure you check out OTD for more photos of this car and other car great reviews. 


Not a fan...but different strokes for different folks 

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WorpeX 1/9/20

I'm not a fan of any of the Tooned cars. Only one I own is a Tooned Mitsubitshi Eclipse FTE that I think I got for christmas one year. The fact that it is the slowest FTE I own makes me extremely happy.

Meh... Take it or leave it.... I have on on the Jan 16 race next week... interesting results...

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