The ultimate FTE haul.

Jobe Sunday, 8/8/2010

Today I went out to a local hobby store where I would like to set up the race track. Will be speaking with the owner later this week but the guy at the store was excited about it. Meanwhile I went to the racks of Hot Wheels they 89 cents each! Some dating back to 1998 but most from 2005-2008. I hauled home 16 cars, 14 which are FTE's! Now I haven't been collecting really ever but I didn't even know these existed. I also picked up more cars this weekend with a run to Walgreens and Target including 6 more FTE's from '09 and '10, mainly to strip for the wheels. Here is a bad photo and a list of cars I scored.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

2005 models
Off Track FTE
Pike Peak Tacoma FTE
Realistix FTE
Myers Manx FTE
Corvette C6 FTE
Acura HSC Concept FTE
What - 4 -2 FTE
Shelby GR-1 concept FTE
Lotus Sport Elise FTE
Maserati MC12 FTE
Brul-esque - x-raycers

2006 models
Ferrari F430 FTE
Pharadox FTE
Chrysler 300c Hemi FTE

Corvette ZR1 FTE
Mid Mill


Fast Fish FTE (2)
Corvette GS in red FTE
Mustang funny car
Vega FTE
Mustang Fastback FTE


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JDC442 8/11/10

I want that C6 FTE! It looks good in yellow
I also like the two on the bottom middle(wt & silv), not sure which ones those are but they look hot.
That Shoebox would be sweet with FTE wheels. I have a black Shoebox w/ regular wheels that is one of my top 10 fastest Hotwheels.
I also like that you included the track in the picture, nice touch! Is that your new continuous orange track you got on eBay? I'm still jealous!

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Jobe 8/11/10

Those would be the Maserati and the Shelby looks awesome!
I think the shoebox is going to be my next custom, and of course with FTE's.
If you're real nice maybe I'll sell you that fancy yellow vette!

The photo is with my current 25' continuous track sections. I haven't pulled the 50' roll out of the package yet...I don't have anywhere to run 50' of track except my shop, but I'll try it soon.

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