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The Wheelie Big Race!

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You know I'm in! :D

#3 Code 3 Motorsports Chief in please sir

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Uncle_Elvis 1/24/23

Are off road/Rally cars like the Big Air Bel Air or Off Road Camaro legal or are we just using the lifted ones like the 442, Monster Vette, etc.?

  • I like that monster vette! But as long as it’s a CAR body on BIG wheels…it’s good — Crazy_Canuck
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MrDarq 1/24/23

put me in boss.

Mr. Darq | Dubious-Diecast

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Sam_Haul 1/24/23

Can I wave my big wheelie around your track, too?  

  • As long as it rolls straight…absolutely — Crazy_Canuck
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GoldenOwl 1/25/23

You know I'm in!!

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RAGTAG_JIM 1/26/23

Yes Ohhhhh hell yes!!!!!! Ragtag RACIN is in!!!!

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johnson9195 1/26/23

I would like to send in a car. Sounds like fun.

Bad Wool Racing is in!

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Spirit_Of_64 1/31/23

If there's still space, I'll throw my toque into the ring as well!  Just to clarify, how big of a wheel are we talkin'?  The car I'm workin' on has similar size wheels to the Gladiator I sent.

  • Would love to have you back… and I’m looking for big wheeled cars… send me a pic if you have questions — Crazy_Canuck
  • PM Sent! — Spirit_Of_64
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If a spot is still open, I'd like in, please.

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