Time difference :(

Bandeezee Saturday, 3/26/2011

Time difference. Just tried to submit my brackets for Saturday's race, but forgot that if it's after 10pm over here, then it's after midnight (meaning the next day) over there. Looks like I get 0 points this week


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JDC442 3/26/11

That sucks Martin

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redlinederby 3/26/11
Site manager

Sorry, man. Not much I can do to better that situation.

But what I can do is look into bettering the alert system so it sends out e-mails sooner or a reminder or something.

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Bandeezee 3/26/11

Yeah, it's my fault. My son's first birthday is today and we spent most of yesterday getting things prepared. It wasn't until late last night that I realized I hadn't submitted my brackets yet

I just have to make sure not to wait until the last second. Procrastination is a habit of mine. I need to set my own alarms, lol.

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markkaz 3/27/11

I don't like the 'pick a racer' part that goes through Tuesday.
That means that the main part of the racing and getting
points means that you have to pick between Wednesday
and Saturday.

If I'm busy, I forget. If I miss a couple races, I just blow
off the rest of the season.

I would rather have one week's races finish and picking our
brackets becomes immediately available for the next
race instead of this step in-between.

Besides, that list of cars that shows up for us to 'enter a
racer' is a pretty long list and if I'm not mistaken, just
because we enter a racer doesn't mean that he will
actually be in the race. It's misleading and confusing.

I believe that you are posting reminders via Facebook and
Twitter. That should be sufficient. If you have the ability
to send people an email Friday if they have not picked their
brackets, that could be something to consider if it isn't
already in place. If I have already picked my brackets though,
I don't want to be receiving reminder/extra emails.

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redlinederby 3/28/11
Site manager

@Mark - Just to clarify, if you enter a car in the tournament it will get raced, there's no question there. If there's anything misleading, please let me know specifically where the confusion is and I'll try to make it more clear.

And the reason I take a step between results and opening tournaments is because I don't have the game programmed to use times, just dates. So at midnight everything happens and I have to avoid overlapping so cars to get re-entered after they've been retired (see last week's 458 situation).

I understand the frustration with the entry of cars. But that's always why the meat of the game is in the bracket picking.

However, things have already come up this season that I wish I had, like timing tournaments and so on. I'll see what updates I can make while the season is running but I don't want to change things midstream or risk botching a season.

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markkaz 3/28/11

Thanks for the clarification on the cars getting into the races.

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