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Tobacco Road track build, photo journal

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Using a pencil, I determined the best pressure point to drill the hole for the string

Finish line and catch box will be interchangeable between Tobacco Road and Bootleg Run. When using 1x6 or 8, a piece of lattice and four (4) popsicle sticks will bring everything dead flush for your finish line....if your using a 3D Botmaker FL.

Watching the races at UCB's track gave me a catch box idea. The cars stop pretty good on that strip of carpet so...craft box and little pom poms

Might have to adjust /trim the knap some, but it will work and the catch box doesn't have to be a mile long.

The Drop just about ready for paint and Starting Gate ready to be set once painting is done.

All the building is now done, get the banks done on the Drop next and then the fun part starts...landscaping Tobacco Road.

Banks are done

Little sneak peek before the reveal video before the's been a fun it's time to get ready to race. This will wrap up the "build" posting/photo journal for me, I hope all have enjoyed the documentation of building Tobacco Road....time to finish it up and open for business. Peace-LoS.

  • also a clue to the next race at Tobacco Road — LeagueofSpeed
  • Sweet. — redlinederby
  • Can't wait to see the finished product, also excited for the other track you're building. — Jdub3000
  • I'll get started on Bootleg Run in June. — LeagueofSpeed

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