Tobacco Road track build, photo journal

LeagueofSpeed Friday, 5/5/2017

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Tobacco Road 

20'-- approx scale 1/4 mile

4 ' drop @ 27" then cars enter the top of the transition

16' run out (15' 3" after transition bottoms out)


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Red Lane and Black Lane

Supplies for the Track

Base for the Drop section, basically 3 parts - base, support and drop. Going to make it assemble/disassemble using the rubber bands from celery stalks and asparagus stalks, it will hold together using counter pressure.

Backstop for bottom of support

  • must admit I'm proud of my transition idea/concept — LeagueofSpeed
  • That is a great idea and execution. Got me thinking now... — redlinederby
  • Yep that's a good idea there — Mopar_Mafia

Start gate and finish line are here from 3D Botmaker...I'll be done with Tobacco Road by the end of the weekend. This build has been a lot of fun....Bootleg Run is next.

  • I can finish the drop now...finish line will be shared with Bootleg Run — LeagueofSpeed
  • I did the same thing. I use a fishing line connector through the hole. — redlinederby

I'm going to drill a small hole through the center of the trigger paddle of the start gate in order to thread some string through so I can start the cars from a distance and out of the videos. I got some eyelets to thread it through as it makes it's way to base of the drop, just put a nice knot bigger than the hole in the paddle and viola.

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