Toys R Us Track Builder packs are showing up elsewhere

redlinederby Monday, 5/7/2018
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It looks like the Track Builder packs that were previously exclusive to Toys R Us are making their way back into stores.

I was doing my normal browse down the toy aisle at my local Kroger when I noticed a few of the Toys R Us Track Builder packs on the pegs. They seem to be a bit more expensive than I remember them being at TRU, but they do include a car.

Not sure if any retailer will claim these as "exclusive." The one at my Kroger didn't have any branding to suggest as such, but I wouldn't doubt the Walmarts and Targets of the world getting in one some exclusivity for track pack parts in the future.

Nonetheless, I'm happy to see these packs back in stores at some capacity. It's nice to know that I won't have to buy bigger playsets just to get some curves, loops, or jumps.


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MDG_Racing 5/18/18

Too much. Curves were only $3.99@TRU. Hope they do their sales on these, that would be worth it with the car. Track parts at TRU were encouraging to parents because most were under $5. Booster $12.99, wonder how much they will be? Good to see them in retailer though like you said. Its all about the track!

  • Well good...we let you in finally :) — LeagueofSpeed
  • yeah, price bump is a bummer but might be new reality. herumpf. — redlinederby

Glad to see these are showing up other places, although I agree that I would rather have them at the original price without the extra track pieces and car. I'm also anxiously waiting for the new 2018 motorized booster. You can see pictures of it on other sets but it hasn't been released yet. I'm really hoping to send cars over our church roof this summer but I'm woefully short on boosters.

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